"LC" Connectors
"LC" Male Connector Plug
(CRF) UG-532/U
Kings Electric "LC" male connector plug. Coax, RF. Silver. Accepts 0.81" O.D. cable. Mfg. P/N: KV-52-01. NSN: 5935-00-295-6302.
$95 each
"LC" Male
Quick connector for Bird 43 watt meter. "LC" male. Only one available.
"LC" Male to "N"
(CRF) UG999
"LC" male to "N" female adapter.
$189 each
"LC" Female to
"N" / "HN"
(CRF) UG259
"LC" female to "HN" female adapter.
$119 each
(CRF) UG271
"LC" female to "N" female adapter. Bulkhead.
$139 each
"LC" Female to
Hardline Adapter
(CRF) UG-234
Kings series adapter from "LC" to hardline male.
$100 each
"LC" Male
(CRF) UG154
"LC" male for RG-17 coax. Silver plated.
$93 each