Collins: Plugs & Jacks

8 Pin Octal Plug
Gates / Harris adjustable input pad. 0, 20, 40. 8 pin octal plug with resistors inside. Metal black shell. Mfg. P/N: 9265167001.
$25 each
Plastic Jack
Plastic jack as used on all Collins ham equipment.
50¢ each - 40¢ (20+), 35¢ (100+)
Miniature hardware (nuts, bolts) to replace drilled out rivets.
$1.25 / kit - $1 (10+)
3/16" Collins Jack
0.203" (3/16")
(CNA) 316-J
Standard Switchcraft 0.203" jack as found in most Collins equipment. 3 circuit.
$12 each
Metal RCA Plugs
Quality all metal, nickel plated RCA male plug. The quality you want for home brew Collins patch cables.
$1.45 each - $1.25 (10+)
2 Pin Offset Inline Male
Microphone Connector
(CNA) 80MC2M
Two pin microphone connector. Fits vintage Collins, Heath, etc. Made by Cooper Instrument.
*** SOLD OUT ***
11 Pin Socket
Female socket for power connection on 75S receivers, 516F-2 and 32S or KWM-2 interconnect, plus Heath and many other ham sets.
$15 each
9 Pin Socket
Female socket for power connection on 51S-1.
$25 each
8 Pin Octal Tube Sockets
(COL) 220-1155-00
Amphenol, high quality bakelite, high temperature, recessed mount. Mounting flange 1-5/8" overall; 0.137" diameter holes; 1-3/8" c-c.
*** SOLD OUT ***
11 Pin Male Plug
Male plug fits chassis power connection on 75S receivers, 32S or KWM-2s. Also use for extension of interconnect.
$12 each
1 Piece Metal Hood
Metal back shell hood with strain relief for larger cable, i.e. interconnect.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Assorted Hoods
Part Number Description Price p/set  
(CNE) 11P-MHOOD Female 11 pin socket and 1-piece metal hood combination
for larger cable like 516F-2 interconnect cable.
(CNE) 11P-PHOOD Male 11 pin plug & one piece metal hood combination for extension cables. SOLD OUT