"BNC" Connectors: Panel Jacks - Hole Mount
"BNC" Straight Jack / Solder Cup
(CRF) UG-1094/U
Amphenol "BNC" straight jack, solder cup. 50 ohm bulkhead receptacle.
$1.75 each - $1.50 (5+), $1.25 (10+)
"BNC" Jack Hole
0 Hz to 4 GHz / 50 Ohm
(CRF) UG1094B/U
Radiall "BNC" jack hole, bulkhead receptacle. 0 Hz to 4 GHz, 50 ohm. Solder pot straight panel mount. Fits up to 0.33" panel. Nickel, gold, TFE. Includes hardware. Alt. P/N: R141-559-000.
$4.95 each
"BNC" Insulated Bulkhead Receptacle
(CRF) R141-574-000
Radiall insulated bulkhead receptacle, hole mount. Includes hardware.
$5.75 each
"BNC" Coaxial Straight Bulkhead Jack
50 Ohm
(CRF) R141-574-161
Radiall insulated hole mount connector. Coaxial straight bulkhead jack. Solder cup. 50 ohm. Brass. RoHS compliant. No hardware.
$4.95 each
Amphenol "BNC" Bulkhead Female Jack
(CRF) UG-625B/U
Amphenol "BNC" bulkhead female jack. Nickel body, solder cup, silver pin. TFE dielectric. Alt P/N: Amphenol 31-236.
$2.25 each - $1.80 (6+)
"BNC" Panel Jack
(CRF) UG657/U
Amphenol "BNC" panel jack. Rear nut, O-ring.
*** SOLD OUT ***
"BNC" Female Bulkhead Mount Connector
(CRF) UG-1094A/U
"BNC" female bulkhead mount connector. Gold solder cup, nylon dielectric. 0-4 GHz, 50 ohm. Alt P/N: Amphenol 31-2221.
$1.95 each - $1.70 (6+), $1.45 (25+)
"BNC" Bulkhead Female
Right Angle
(CRF) UG-1098
"BNC" bulkhead female right angle. Silver. PTFE.
$6 each
Terminated Jack
(CRF) B424028
"BNC" (UG-1904) with 47 ohm, 1/8 watt termination resistor. PTFE dielectric, nickel plated.
$4 each
Isolated "BNC" Jack
(CRF) 3778
Pamona "BNC" bulkhead panel jack with isolate ground, front mounts in 15/32-1/2" hole. PTFE dielectric, nickel plated. Gold solder cup terminal. Metal threads.
$3.50 each - $3.25 (6+), $2.99 (25+)
"BNC" Jack
(CRF) UG-254
"BNC" bulkhead panel jack rear mounts in 1/2" hole. Thick base has threaded corner holes at bottom. Silver.
$9 each - $8.25 (5+)
"BNC" Jack
for Circuit Board
"BNC" bulkhead panel jack rear mounts in 15/32 - 1/2" hole. PTFE dielectric, nickel plated. Solder cup terminal.
$1.95 each - $1.75 (6+), $1.50 (25+)