Miscellaneous Connectors
"TM" Female Jack Tee
(CRF) 3073-0001
CRFF (General RF Fitting) "TM" female jack tee. 0.309" outside diameter.
$49 each
Kings K-Grip Adapter
(CRF) KS-89-05
Kings K-grip adapter. Crimp, silver. Fits RG-58/U.
$5 each
ITT Cannon Connector
(CRF) CA22735
ITT Cannon connector. Panel mount plug.
$25 each
Antenna Connector
(CRF) CN49120
National Radio antenna connector. (CNA) 49491. A "UHF" male of sorts. Center pin is a banana plug. We found by filing the threads down on the first 1/2" of a "UHF" bulkhead connector, its the perfect mate. It threads in secure. Box has black wrinkle finish. Spec sheet states this adapter box fits a CNA 46161 navy receiver. Circa 1944. 2-1/4" x 3" x 1-3/8"H. Overall depth of connector is 1-1/8".
$10 each
Circuit Board Component Lead
or RF Coax Center Conductor
Quick Connect Socket
(CRF) 1-331892-1
Amp circuit board component lead or RF coax center conductor. Quick connect socket. Add a QC wire socket to any circuit board. Has 32 internal contacts to grip wire tight. Commonly found on Collins RF boards. Gold. Accepts 19-20 AWG wire. 0.24" deep, 0.069" O.D. NSN: 5999-01-094-9449.
$3.50 each - $3 (10+), $2.75 (25+)
Shell Assembly
Coax Contact
(CRF) 249-1356-002
ITT shell assembly coax contact. DPD-1. Cannon. Gold.
NSN: 5999-234-0214.
$18 each
Receptacle Connector
(CNE) 800650-A01
Orion Research receptacle connector. 3.25" long. 0.32" inside diameter. 1.85" deep to spring terminal on bottom of well. NSN: 5935-01-115-6601.
$35 each
Stainless Steel Switch Plate
Dual Twinax

(CNE) 27-9089P
Stainless steel switch plate. Dual Twinax. Fits standard 2x4 box. 0.70"D holes.
$5 each
ITT Cannon Female Connector

(CRF) 162-E-LA
ITT Cannon female connector. 2.979" long x 0.441" outside diameter. Alt P/N: 22734.
$35 each
Backshell Connector
(CPC) RAC0038H006
Hughes backshell connector. NSN: 5340-01-142-1171.
$75 each
Sub-Minax Bulkhead Receptacle
(CRF) 27-15
Amphenol sub-minax bulkhead receptacle. Gold. 75 ohm.
$7 each - $6.50 (5+)
Backshell Connector
(CRF) M360
Amphenol shield hood. Silver plated. Fits RG8 / 213 etc. 23/32" centers. Removed from equipment, but amazingly clean.
$2.50 each - $2.25 (10+), $2 (50+), $1.85 (100+)
Sub-Minax Bulkhead Receptacle
(CRF) UG-87/U
HB 1950s female bulkhead RF connector with shield hood. 3/8" outside diameter. 4 mounting holes @ 1/2" centers. Manufactured by HB.
$5 each
Backshell Connector
(CRF) 4503-7985-00
Omni-Spectra "QMA" - "OSP" plug. RG-405/U semi-rigid.
$15 each - $12 (10+)
Sub-Minax Bulkhead Receptacle
(CRF) FB-48-F59
Ted Mfg. bulkhead feedthru jack. Requires 1/2" hole. Gold plated. Tri-lug.
$75 each
Amp Coaxial
(CRF) 225791-8
Straight plug, all gold plated, RG-58.
$5 each
Connector Receptacle
Bulkhead Jack
(CRF) 27-21-1000
Allied / Amphenol bulkhead jack connector receptacle. 75 ohm. Sub-minax. NSN: 5935-00-054-6641.
$49 each
Female Coax Contac
(CRF) 5600-008-000
Matrix female coax contact. NSN: 5999-01-058-1428.
$5 each - $4.35 (10+)
Connector Receptacle
Bulkhead Jack
Cannon ITT male electrical contact. Shell assembly coax receptacle. 0.205" I.D. Fits RG-62. Alt. P/Ns: 249-1961-000, DPXME-RG62/U-A152. NSN: 5999-00-581-6520.
$14 each
RF Receptacle Terminal
(TSL) MT32
RF receptacle terminal with gold test port turret. Gold plated socket 0.034" diameter. 0.300"H, 0.099"L turret, 0.142"L x 0.091"D body.
75¢ each - 60¢ (100+), 50¢ (1k+)
RF Receptacle Terminal
(TSL) MT39
RF receptacle terminal. Gold insert for PC board. Accept coax cable center conductor. 0.260"H x 0.059"D. 0.035" inside diameter.
$1.25 each - $1.10 (100+)
Cannon Shell Assembly
(CRF) 249-2088-000
Cannon coaxial shell assembly. DPXMA-RG-142/U, size 9, type MS3177. Crimp style. All gold plated.
$9 each - $8.25 (5+)
Amphenol Male
(CRF) 902-5064
Amphenol coaxial male plug. Crimp style. All gold plated.
$8 each - $7 (5+)
(CRF) 27-21
Amphenol bulkhead receptacle, gold plated. 75 ohm.
$7 each - $6.50 (5+)
Bulkhead Coax Termination
(CRF) 55-038-0000
Sealectro RG-174 crimp cable termination for printed circuit board.
$2 each
Coaxial Termination
Turret terminal can be soldered on or used as a switch contact. RF connector, right angle. Silver plated. Waterproof o-ring. O.D. of output lef is 0.375". RG-8.
$5 each - $4.50 (6+), $4 (25+)
Male Connector Jack
50 Ohm
(CRF) 1-1393662-4
Tyco-Amp male connector jack. 50 ohm. DIN 1.0 / 2.3. Right angle, PCB mount, gold plated.
$8 each - $7 (6+)
Double Female Connector
(COL) 505-0339-002
Double female connector. Silver plated. 1.95"L x 0.409"D. Inner conductor 0.120" inside diameter. Made by LaPointe for Collins radio. NSN: 5935-00-258-7234.
$5 each
Jackscrew Assembly
(CON) 609004
T&B / Ansley jackscrew assembly.
$2 each - $1.75 (10+)
Ted Connector - Bulkhead
(CRF) 1-977-1
Ted connector, bulkhead. Female, bi-lug connector. Fits RG-316 coax.
$10 each
Male Connector
Gold Plated
(CRF) 1211-608
Male connector, gold plated. TRW cinch. Locking method bayonet latch. Body style 5D straight shape, internal coupling. Polarized method keyway or mutliple keyway. Terminal type solder well single mating end single contact grouping. Overall length - .965". Overall diameter - .445". Cable entrance diameter - .074".
$23 each