Audio Equipment


Pickering Stereo Cartridge

(SEN) XV-15/750E
Pickering stereo cartridge. Brand new in original package!
$395 each

Synchronous Weathers
Turntable Motor

(MOT) 31761R
Synchron turntable motors from the once famous Weathers turntable. A synchronous motor achieves its predetermined RPM and stays there. In this case, 600 RPM. Shaft rotates clockwise looking at shaft end. Brand new excess from Compass Technical, the last producer of Weathers products from the 1960's.

RPM: 600
Power: 110vac 60 Hz 5 watts
Shaft: 0.062" x 15/16" long
Casing: brass
Mounting: 4 tabs, 2 each side spaced 2" center to center.


Harmon Kardon TA3000X
Vintage Tube Type
Stereo Amplifier

(EQP) HK-TA3000X
This collector quality piece needs TLC. The front panel appears very nice to me. The wood cabinet has a few nicks and scratches but is also very clean. I didn't slide it out to look at it yet due to a lack of time.

I'm selling it as is so let's assumes it does not work. It should really be fully stripped and cleaned before firing it up. The TA3000X has a 6V6 output and will drive 8 or 16 ohm speakers.

Will take 3 aux inputs. It is so old that the glass over the tuning dials is really glass.

$15 each - $12 (5+)
$395 each

Tonearm Pivot Block

(GAT) 723-0344
Tonearm pivot block for MicroTrac professional tonearm. Gates/Harris broadcast vintage. Bearing screw (right) fits block on two ports. 3/4" x 3/4" x 1-1/2". New, old stock.

Pivot Block Bearing Screw

(GAT) 723-0347
Turntable bearing screw (with phonograph parts). 0.490" thread. From Gates / Harris broadcast, micro trac professional tonearm. Works with (GAT) 723-0344.
$15 each
$10 each

Professional Turntable
Rear Weight Assembly

(MIS) 723-0329
Professional turntable rear weight assembly. 6.6 oz. Internal O-ring. One set screw. 1-1/2"H. 0.9" x 1.37"D, 0.32" I.D. bore.

Turntable Brass Weight

Turntable brass weight. 2.7 oz. 2" diameter, 0.375" bore, 0.196" thick.
$12 each
$7 each

Strobe Disk for
Broadcast Turntables

Gates strobe disk for broadcast turntables. Aluminum, self-adhesive decal.

• 78.26 rpm 60N
• 45 rpm 60N
• 33.33 rpm 60N


Gates Turntable Tonearm Base

(MIC) 723-0349
Gates tonearm base for turntable model TA-12. Aluminum, painted flat gray. 2-3/4"D x 0.9"H. 0.629" center bore with set screw. 3 mounting holes 1-3/4" c-c. Made for Harris Broadcast.

$5 each - $4.25 (3+)
$25 each

Very Rare Phonograph
Sapphire Stylus

General Electric phonograph sapphire 1mm stylus. Works with GE VR II cartridge. Very rare! New, old stock from the 1960s. Alt P/N: VR-2. 1900+ available

LP / 78 "Push - Turn" Knob

LP / 78 "Push-Turn" knob. Works with GE VR II cartridge and GE TRIPLEPLAY. New, old stock.
$8.95 each - $7.50 (3+), $6.50 (12+),
$6 (25+), $5.25 (100+)
$18 each

Stereo Dynetic Stylus

(SEN) N55E
Shure stereo dynetic stylus. Broadcast quality.

Shure Stereo Dynetic Stylus

(SEN) N75-6
Shure stereo Dynetic 0.0006" stylus. High track ability. Broadcast quality.
$65 each
$15 each



(SEN) D6004E
Stanton stylus.
$38 each

Stereo Cartridge

(SEN) SP-14
Bang & Olufsen stereo cartridge. Fits Beogram 3000. New, unused.

Stereo Cartridge

(SEN) 600E
Stantonmicro-fluxvalve stereo cartridge. Broadcast quality. Brand new in a fancy box!!
$249 each
$75 each

Collins Power Supply
Great Audio Amp Supply

(PS) 5048583
Collins supplies apparently sitting on a shelf since 1968.

• #1 transformer, Collins 672-0393-00 115v / 230v Primary. 342v, 350 ma / 300v, 1.15 amp Secondaries.

• #2 transformer, Collins 672-0380-00, 115v/230v primary. Filament windings: (2) 2.5V @ 6 amps & 12.6 vct @ 6 amps

Most tubes (3B22s and 6X4) are broken or missing. Various dents & scrapes. Great start for audio amplifier. Sold as is.

Bourns Transducer

(RWV) 108
Bourns 2500 ohm linear position transducer. 4.4" travel of #10 threaded arm.
$85 each
$95 each

Western Electric
Germanium Transistor
from 1954!!

(STR) GA-51984
This may be the original mass produced transistor from Bell Labs manufacturer, Western Electric. As you can see from the sealed military packing, it was produced in 1954 at Kearny, NJ.

If ever there was a Western Electric collector's item, this is it.

$35 each - $29 (10+)