Thermometer / Thermocouple, Leads & Probes
Omega Electronic
Ice Point Thermocouple
Omega Model MCJ Ice Point Reference Thermocouple is an extremely versatile, battery powered, automatic cold junction compensator for use in thermocouple circuits. It provides the electrical equivalent of an ice bath reference at 0ºC (32ºF).
  • Impedance: Less than 200 ohms.
  • Compensation Accuracy: ±1/2ºC from 15ºC (59ºF) to 30ºC (86ºF) ambient.
  • ±1ºC from 10ºC (50ºF) to 45ºC (113ºF) ambient.
  • Dimensions: 2-15/16"L x 1"W x 1/2" thick.
  • Battery: Mallory PX625, 1.35v or equivalent. 2500 hrs in continuous operation, store extra batteries in cool (5 to 10ºC) place.
  • Storage Temperature: -25ºC to 75ºC (without battery).
$75 each
Dual Input Thermometer
(EQP) 40132
EXTECH 40132K type K thermometer for measuring temperature of two different sources or differential between the two. Includes carrying case, test probe thermocouple with 30" teflon cord, and instruction manual (does not include 9v battery). Range -50°c to 1000°c / -50°F to 1999°F (0.3% ± 1°c). Used.
Vintage Temperature Tester
(EQP) SIM652
Simpson vintage temperature tester. Series 260 adapter. NOTE: Remote banana lead is frayed. Probe not included. Only one available.
25'L Extension Cable
(WAA) 2007-9757-2
Thermocouple, 25 foot long extension cable. Includes male / female Conex connectors. 0 - 650ºF operating temperature range. 20 AWG, 2 conductor thermocouple cable. NSN: 6685-01-133-4305.
$95 each
Thermocouple Probe
(EQP) J28024G
Control Systems Engineering thermocouple probe. 1/8" diameter x 24" long. 316 stainless steel.
$30 each
Type K Thermocouple
(EQP) 45-72810
General Measurements type K thermocouple. 1/16" diameter x 60" long. Used.
$35 each