**All Manuals are copies and are made-to-order unless otherwise noted.**
All manuals include schematics unless otherwise noted
Not All Listed Equipment made EXCLUSIVELY By Collins

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Part Number Description Price  
(PUB) COL-51M11 51M-11 Receiver Instruction Book 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51M2 51M-2 VHF Receiver 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51M7 51M-7 VHF Fixed-Tuned Receiver 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51M8 51M-8 VHF Fixed-Tuned Receiver 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51M8-G 51M-8G VHF Fixed-Tuned Receiver 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51N2 51N-2 HF Receiver Instruction Book 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51N2B 51N-2B HF Receiver Instruction Book 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51R-1 51R-1 VHF Navagation Receiver 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51R-3 51R-3 VHF Navagation Receiver 110.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51R10 51R-10/10 Component Maintenance Manual 150.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51R4/4A 51R-4/4A Installation Manual 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51R4/4O 51R-4/4A Overhaul Manual 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51R6 51R-6 VOR/LOC Installation Manual 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51R6M 51R-6 VOR/LOC Maintenance Manual 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51R6O 51R-6 VOR/LOC Overhaul Manual 150.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51R7/8 51R-7/8 Instruction Manual 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51R7/8B 51R-7A/8A/8B Instruction Manual 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51R7A/8 51R-7A/8A Instruction Manual 110.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51RV1 51RV-1 VOR/ILS Receiver Maintenance Manual 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51RV1A 51RV-1A Overhaul/Illu Parts Manual 165.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51RV1C 51RV-1C Maintenence Manual 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51RV1M 51RV-1A Maintenence Manual 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51RV1O 51RV-1A Overhaul Manual, Il Parts 165.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51RV1OV 51RV-1C Overhaul Manual, Il Parts 165.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51RV2 51RV-2 Instruction Manual 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51RV2B 51RV-2B Maintainence Manual 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51RV2BO 51RV-2B Overhaul Manual, Il Parts 165.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51RV2BP 51RV-2B Product Description 35.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51RV4/4 51RV-4/4 Maintenence Manual 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51RV44P 51RV-4/4 Illustrated Parts Manual 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51S-1/B 51S-1A/F Service Bulletins 21.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51S-1/C 51S-1 Manual, Copy 39.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51V Glide Slope Recvr Inst. Book 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51V-2 Glide Slope Recvr Book, 2nd Ed 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51V-3 Glide Slope Recvr Instal Book 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51V-3M 51V-3 Mainten./Instal Manual 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51V-3O 51V-3 Overhaul/parts Manual 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51V-4 51V-4 glide Slope Receiver Book 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51V-4T 51V-4 Training Manual 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51X-1A 51X-1A Receiver Instruction Book 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51X-1C 51X-1 Instruction Book 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51X-2 51X-2 Receiver Instruction Book 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51X-2/2 51X-2/2C VHF Nav Rec 250.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51X-2M 51X-2 Receiver Maintenance Book 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51X-2O 51X-2 Receiver Overhaul Book 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51X-3/A 51X-3/3A VHF Commun./Nav'l Book 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51Y-4/4 51Y-4/4A Receiver 200.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51Y-4/A 51Y-4/4A ADF Rcvr Overhaul Book 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51Y-7/7 51Y-7/7A Receiver 200.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51Y-7/A 51Y-7/7A/7C/7D ADF Maintenance Manual 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51Z-1 51Z-1 Marker Beacon Receiver 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51Z-3 51Z-3 Marker B'cn Install Manual 35.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51Z-3T 51Z-3 Marker B'cn Training Manual 35.00 Add
(PUB) COL-51Z-4 51Z-4 Marker Beacon Receiver 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-537F-7/ 537F-7/F-8 Antenna Overhaul 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-537F-7A 537F-7A/F-8A Antenna Overhaul 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-548L-4 548L-4 Linear Power Amplifier, 2nd edition 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-548L/C Collins 548L-4A Manual Copy, 5th edition 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-548S-1 548S-1 Power Amp Cplr Instruction 200.00 Add
(PUB) COL-548S-1I 548S-1 981G-1 Ant. Load Coil 200.00 Add
(PUB) COL-548S-3 548S-3/3A/5/5A/6 Pwr Amp Coup 275.00 Add
(PUB) COL-548T-1A 548T-1A Linear Power Amp Instruction 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-548U-5 548U-5 Linear Power Amp Instruction 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-548Z-1 548Z-1/1A/1B RF Amp Instruction 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-54N-1 54N-1 FM Frequency Monitor Book 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-54W-1/1 54W-1/1C Manual, Monitor 225.00 Add
(PUB) COL-54W-1B 54W-1B/1D Comparator Warning Manual 35.00 Add
(PUB) COL-54W-1D 54W-1B/1D Manual, Monitor 225.00 Add
(PUB) COL-54W-3/A 54W-3/3A/3B Cntrl Instruction Manual 200.00 Add
(PUB) COL-54Z-1 54Z-1 AM Frequency Monitor Book 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-550A-1 550A-1 AM Broadset Transmitter 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-55G-1/C 55G-1 Manual, Copy 35.00 Add
(PUB) COL-561G3/4 561G-3/4 Cockpit Control Kit 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562A-5E 562A-5E Stering Comp OverHaul 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562A-5F 562A-5F/5F1/5F2 Steering Comp 350.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562A-5G 562A-5G Steering Computer 300.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562A-5M 562A-5M Steering Computer 300.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562A-6 562A-6 Steering Computer Instruction 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562A5F1 562A-5F1 Steering Computer OverHaul 250.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562A5F2 562A-5F2 Steering Computer 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562A5F4 562A-5F4 Steering Computer 300.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562A5F5 562A-5F5 Steering Comp Parts 250.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562A5M5 562A-5M5 Steering Computer 300.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562C-3 562C-3 Comp Amp Inst Overhaul 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562C-3E 562C-3E Comp Amplifier Instruction 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562C-4 562C-4 Autopilot Amplifier 300.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562C-4A 562C-4A Auto Pilot Amplifier 300.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562C-4C 562C-4C Autopilot Amplifier 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562C-5 562C-5 Autopilot Amp Vol I 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562C-5/ 562C-5 Autopilot Amp Vol II 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562C-8A 562C-8A YAW Damper Control 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562F-1B 562F-1B Computer/Tracker Instruction 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562F1BP 562F-1B/1C Comp/Tracker Parts 175.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P-1 Pitch Steering Computer 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P-1F 562P-1F Pitch Steering Comp 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P-4 562P-4 Pitch Computer Overhaul 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P-4A 562P-4 Pitch Comp Appendix I 245.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P410 562P-4 A10 Comp Voter SW Logic 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P411 562P-4 A11 Servo Amp Mon 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P412 562P-4 A12 Voter SW Mon Over 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P413 562P-4 A13 Rate CMD SW Pwr Mon 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P414 562P-4 Card A14 CWS Rate CMD 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P415 562P-4 A15 Glideslope Flare 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P416 562P-4 A16 Glideslope Radio 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P417 562P-4A17 Attitude Normal Accel 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P418 562P-4 A18 Versine Attitude 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P420 562P-4 A20 Approach Mach IAS 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P4A2 562P-4 A2 Servo Engage Logic 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P4A4 562P-4 A4,5 Memory 1,2 Logic 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562P4A7 562P-4 A7 Fault Isolation Mon 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562R-1 562R-1 Roll Steering Computer 195.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562R-1F 562R-1F Roll Steering Computer 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562R-4 562R-4 Roll Computer Overhaul 225.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562R-4A 562R-4 Roll Comp Appendix I 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562R4A3 562R-4 Card A3 Level Converter 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562R4A4 562R-4 CardA4 Roll Valid Logic 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562S-3 562S-3 Speed Control Computer 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562S310 562S-3 A10 F/S Display Overhaul 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562S314 562S-3 Card A14 U/Dot Overhaul 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562S3A3 562S-3 Card A3 TO/GA Logic 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562S3A5 562S-3 A5 Logic Conv Annun. 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562S3A6 562S-3 A6 A/T Disc-Scs Logic 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562S3A7 562S-3 A7 MCE Flare A/T Intlk 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562S3A9 562S-3 A9 AC Demod Servo Com 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562T-1 562T-1 Fces Computer Overhaul 225.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562T-1A 562T-1 Fces Comp Appendix I 165.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562T-2 562T-2 Augmen Comp Appendix I 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562T1A2 562T-1 A2 Fces Comp Pwr Elect 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562T1A7 562T-1 A7 DLC Logic Overhaul 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562T2A5 562T-2 A5 Pitch Trim 1 Overhaul 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562T2A7 562T-2 A7 Pitch Trim Overhaul 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562T2A8 562T-2 A8 Mach Trim Overhaul 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562T2A9 562T-2 A9 Mach Feel Overhaul 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562Y-4 562Y-4 YAW Computer Overhaul 165.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562Y416 562Y-4A16 Servo Amp Comparator 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562Y419 562Y-4A19 Decrab Limit Memory 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562Y4A6 562Y-4 A6 Logic Input Process 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562Y4A7 562Y-4 A7 YAW FD Valid Logic 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562Y4A8 562Y-4 A8 Alim Rom/RHK Logic 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-562Y4A9 562Y-4 A9 RMP Eng, Voter SW 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-578D-1 578D-1 DME Bench Test Set 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-578D-1C 578D-1C DME Bench Test Set 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-578D1/1 578D-1/1C DME Bench Test Set 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-578E-2 578E-2 Test Panel Vert Reference 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-578L-1 578L-1 Doppler Navigation Test Set 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-578M-1 578M-1 Doppler Navigation Test Panel 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-578N-1 578N-1 Doppler Test Panel 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-578P-1 578P-1 Test Panel For Doppler 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-578Q-1 578Q-1 Freq. Discr Test Panel 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-578X-1 578X-1/2 ATC Bench Test Set 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-578X-3 578X-3 ATC Bench Test Set 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-590A-10 590A-10A/10B Barometric Alt 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-590A-3 590A-3 Altitude Control Overhaul 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-590A-3A 590A-3A Altitude Control Maintenance 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-590A-3H 590A-3H/3J/3K Air Data Control 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-590A-3J 590A-3J1/3K1 Air Data Control 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-590A-5 590A-5 Air Data Sensor Overhaul 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-590A-6 590A-6/6A Altitude Control 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-590B-1 590B-1 Air Speed Compensator 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-590B-2 590B-2 Airspeed Sensor Overhaul 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-590D-1 590D-1 Central Air Data Computer 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-590D-2 590D-2 Central Air Data Comput 135.00 Add
(PUB) COL-599A-1 599A-1/1A FLT Sys Adapter Unit 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-599B-1 599B-1 Speed Command Adapter 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-599H-1 599H-1 Manual, Adapter Instruction 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-613J-1 613J-1 Manual, Control Unit 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-613L-3 613L-3 Manual, Control Unit 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E-10 614E-10 FLT Dir Cntrl Overhaul 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E-11 614E-11/11A FLT Dir Cntrl Overhaul 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E-13 614E-13/A/B FLT Director Control 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E-20 614E-20/A/D/E/G/H/I Selector 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E-2F 614E-2F/2G/2GI Pedestal Control 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E-4 614E-4 AutoPilot Cntrl Overhaul 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E-5A 614E-5A AutoPilot Controller 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E-7 614E-7 Flight Dir Cntrl Overhaul 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E-8B 614E-8B FLT Dir Cntrl OverHaul 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E-9B 614E-9B FLT Dir Cntrl OverHaul 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E-9C 614E-9C/9E FLT Dir Cntrl Over 60.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E10H 614E-10H FLT Dir Cntrl Mntnc 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E20K 614E-20K FLT Mode Selector 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E20R 614E-20R/23R/37 FLT Selector 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E22/ 614E-22/B/22F/22M RMT Selector 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E22B 614E-22B RMT Hdng Selector 60.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E22D 614E-22D RMT Hdng Selector 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E22F 614E-22B/22F RMT Selector Over 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E22G 614E-22G/L RMT Hdng Selector 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614E23/ 614E-23/C/E/G FLT Mode Selector 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614L-8 614L-8 ADF Cntrl Unit Overhaul 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614U-1 614U-1/2 Control Instruction 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614U-5 614U-5 Control Instruction 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-614U-7 614U-7/8 Control Instruction 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618F-1 618F-1 VHF Transceiver IF Audio Pwr S 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618F-1T 618F-1 VHF Transceiver Training Man 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618M-1 618M-1 VHF Transceiver Overhaul Parts 225.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618M-1M 618M-1 VHF Transceiver Mntnc Parts 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618M-1O 618M-1 VHF Transceiver Overhaul Parts 145.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618M-2 618M-2 Test Equipment Instruction 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618M-2A 618M-2A/2C VHF Transceiver Mntnc 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618M-2B 618M-2B Mod Instruction 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618M-2M 618M-2B/2D VHF Transceiver Mntnc 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618M-2O 618M-2B/2D VHF Transceiver Over Parts 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618M-2V 618M-2B/2D VHF Transceiver Over Vinyl 300.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618M-3M 618M-3/3A VHF Transceiver Maintenance 165.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618M-3O 618M-3/3A VHF Transceiver Over Parts 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618T-1M 618W-1/1B/2/2B/3/3B Transceiver Maintenance 145.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618T-1P 618W-1/1B/2/2B/3/3B Part Cat. 250.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618T-M Airborne SSB Transceiver Maintenance 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618T-O 618T Airborne SSB Transceiver Overhaul 225.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618T-P 618T Airborne SSB Transceiver Parts 275.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618W-1 618W-1 Test Pack Instruction 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-618Z-4 618Z-4 RF Translator Instruction 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-619Q-4 619Q-4 Translator RMT Control 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-619Q-5 619Q-5 Rcvr Filter Cabinet 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-619Q-7 619Q-7 Xmtr/Transceiver Cabinet Instruction 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-619Q-8 619Q-8 Rcvr-Xmtr Cabinet Instruction 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-619Q-9 619Q-9 Power Amp Cab Instruction 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-621A-2 621A-2 ATC Transponder Parts 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-621A-2A 621A-2A ATC Transponder Overhaul 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-621A-2M 621A-2A ATC Transponder Maintenance 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-621A-3M 621A-3 ATC Transponder Maintenance 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-621A-3O 621A-3 ATC Transponder Overhaul 175.00 Add
(PUB) COL-621A-3T 621A-3 ATC Transponder Training 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-621A-6 621A-6 ATC Transponder Maintenance 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-621A-6A 621A-6/6A ATC Transponder Over 245.00 Add
(PUB) COL-628T-1 628T-1 HF Receiver/Transmitter Parts 300.00 Add
(PUB) COL-62S-1 62S-1 Manual 35.00 Add
(PUB) COL-62S-1/C 62S-1 Manual, Copy 35.00 Add
(PUB) COL-635T-2 635T-2 BP Filter 914B-2 Unit 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-635U-1 635U-1 HF Preselector Instruction 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-635V-1 635V-1 BP Filter 914B-3 Filter 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-636A-1 636A-1 Power Supply Instruction 60.00 Add
(PUB) COL-636W-1A 636W-1A Power Supply Instruction 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-636X-2A 636X-2A Manual, Power Supply 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-637B-1 637B-1/1A Transportable HF Antenna 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-637E-1 637E-1/1A Uni Direction AC Antenna 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-639G-1D 639G-1D/1E Power Supply Instruction 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-639U-1 639U-1 Lighting Power Unit Instruction 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-642C-1 642C-1 Manual 150.00 Add
(PUB) COL-648W-1 648W-1 Vehicular Power Amp Instruction 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-651F-1 651F-1 HF/SSB/AM Receiver 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-651G-1 651G-1 Manual, Rec Filter 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-651S1/A 651S-1 Abridged Version Manual 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-652U-1 652U-1/2 Battery W/ 990J-2 Mnt 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-662B-1 662B-1 VHF AM Transceiver Instruction 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-671-U4 671-U4 Rec/Exc 300.00 Add
(PUB) COL-671B-1 671B-1 Manual, Recv/Exc Copy 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-671U-2 671U-2 HF Rcvr-Xctr Instruction 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-671U-41 Collins 671U-4/4( ) Receiver-Exciter Instruction Manual Part 1 175.00 Add
(PUB) COL-671U-42 Collins 671U-4/4( ) Receiver-Exciter Instruction Manual Part 2 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-671U-43 Collins 671U-4/4( ) Receiver-Exciter Instruction Manual Part 3 175.00 Add
(PUB) COL-671U-4A Collins 671U-4/4( ) Receiver-Exciter Parts List w/ Card images part locations 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-678P-1 678P-1/2 Radio Set Test Harnes 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-678R-1 678R-1 Test Set Tech Man Instruction 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-678Y-1 678Y-1/3 Mntnc Kit Instruction 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-678Z-1 678Z-1 Function Test Set Instruction 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-678Z-2 678Z-2 Tuning Monitor Instruction 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-680T-1 VHF Synthesis Planar Assembly 150.00 Add
(PUB) COL-680T-2 680T-2 VHF Digital Synth Assembly 225.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699H-1 699H-1 Test Adapter Tech Manual 50.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699H-10 699H-10 Test Adapter Tech Manual 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699H-11 699H-11 Test Adapter Tech Manual 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699H-2 699H-2 Test Adapter Tech Manual 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699H-3 699H-3 Test Adapter Tech Manual 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699H-7 699H-7 Test Adapter Tech Manual 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699H-8 699H-8 Test Adapter Tech Manual 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699H-9 699H-9 Test Adapter Tech Manual 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699K1/2 699K-1/2 Trim Adapter Instruction 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699L-1 699L-1 Test Adapter Tech, Manual 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699L-2 699L-2 Test Adapter Tech, Manual 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699L-3 699L-3 Test Adapter Tech, Manual 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699L-4 699L-4 Test Adapter Tech, Manual 100.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699L-5 699L-5 Test Adapter Tech, Manual 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-699L-7 699L-7 Test Adapter Tech, Manual 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-6T-1 6T-1 Monitor Amp Inst. Book 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-708A-3 708A-3 Master Oscillator Instruction 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-70E8A PTO Manual 25.00 Add
(PUB) COL-714E-1M 714E-1/2/3 Manual, Maintenance 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-714E-5 714E-5 Radio Set Control Instruction 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-714E-6M 714E-6 Radio Control Maintenance 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-714E-6O 714E-6 Radio Control Overhaul 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-714E1/2 714E-1/2 Radio Control 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-718B-8C 718B-8C UHF Transceiver Parts 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-718B-8D 718B-8D UHF Transceiver Instruction 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-718B8CI 718B-8C UHF Transceiver Instruction 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-718F-8A 718F-8A/8B Rcvr/Xmtr Grp Instruction 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-718U 718U Manual, Mountings Instruction 125.00 Add
(PUB) COL-718U-2B 718U-2B HF Comm System Instruction 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-718U-2C 718U-2C HF Comm System Instruction 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-718U-3 718U-3 Airborne HF System Instruction 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-718U-4A 718U-4A/4AN HF Transceiver Instruction 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-718U-9 718U-9 Transport HF Comm System 65.00 Add
(PUB) COL-718U4B/ 718U-4B/4BN HF Airborne Transceiver 95.00 Add
(PUB) COL-719R-1 719R-1 Receiver - Xmtr Shockmount 175.00 Add
(PUB) COL-7303A1B 7303A-1B Test Signal Generator Instruction 75.00 Add
(PUB) COL-7402G1A 7402G-1A Term Unit Instruction 85.00 Add
(PUB) COL-744A-1 75S-1 to 75S-2 Modifications 14.00 Add
(PUB) COL-744B-1 Mod for 32S-1 to 32S-2 15.00 Add
(PUB) COL-75A-1 75A-1 Manual 49.00 Add
(PUB) COL-75A-2 75A-2 Manual 45.00 Add
(PUB) COL-75A-2PD Product Detector for 75A-2/3 12.00 Add
(PUB) COL-75A-3 75A-3 Manual 49.00 Add
(PUB) COL-75A-3/B 75A-2, 75A-3 Bulletins Copy 17.00 Add
(PUB) COL-75A-4 75A-4 Manual 32.00 Add
(PUB) COL-75A-4B 75A-4 Serv Bulletins Notes 30.00 Add
(PUB) COL-75A-K 75A-4 Vernier Knob Instruction 14.00 Add
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