Clamp Post Knobs
Clamp Post Knob
(KNB) L-197
Clamp post knob. 1.5"D. 3/8"D stud, 1/2"L. Green. Circa 1965.
$2.50 each - $2.25 (6+), $2 (25+)
Clamp Post Knob
(KNB) 8144509
Clamp post knob. 2"D x 1.25"H, 3/8" threaded shaft base, 1" depth. 24 thread per inch. Screw-on mount. Slightly raised perimeter detail for grip. Black plastic. Brand new in package.Alt P/N: S442-4. Surplus military aviation. NSN: 5355-00-667-5532.
$8.95 each
Red Phenolic Mushroom
Push-Pull Knob
(KNB) 212
Red phenolic mushroom push-pull knob. Brass insert. 10-24 thread, 1/4" deep. 0.564" d base. 1.045" widest point. 1.113" high. Great for drawer pulls in that 1950's kitchen!
$6.95 each - $6 (6+)
"Panning Lock" Clamp Post Knob
(KNB) CK-1.5
"Panning Lock" clamp post knob for camera tripod. Black plastic. 5/8"H x 1-1/2"D fluted sides. 0.310" stud x 0.940"L.
$5.75 each
Fluted Torque Knob
(HWX) MP0411
Harry Davies for SRS fluted torque knob. 1/4" x 0.62" stud. 1.25" diameter.
$6.75 each
Clamp Knob
(COL) 281-0656-010
Black knob with grooved edge. Collins used this knob for securing mounting brackets. 1/4-20 male thread. 1-3/8" diameter.
$3 each
Clamp Knob
(KNB) CK-3/4
Black knob with grooved edge. #10 male thread. 3/4" diameter.
$1.50 each
Vintage Bakelite Clamp Post Knob
(KNB) 214
Vintage bakelite clamp post knob. Brass insert. 14-20 thread. 2-3/8"D x 7/8"H.
$18 each - $16.35 (6+), $15 (25+)