Chimney & Plate Caps

SK-506 Chimney

(TUA) SK506-U
Used SK-506 chimney for 4-1000A.
$95 each

Eimac Adapter Flange

(TUA) AD-701
Eimac adapter flange. 3" FIP thread. 8" diameter flange. 12 holes - 1-29/32" centers. Gates P/N: 359-0264-000.

Ceramic Chimney Cap

(TUA) SK606
Eimac SK606 ceramic chimney cap fits 4CX250, etc. NOTE: Equivalent Johnson chimney cap may be supplied.
$125 each
$39 each

Ceramic Plate Cap with Pigtail

(TUA) 36006R
Millen ceramic plate cap with pigtail attached. 3/8". Used.

Vintage Ceramic Plate Cap

(TUA) 36008R
National vintage ceramic plate cap with pigtail. 1/2". 1960s quality. Used.
$6 each - $5.25 (10+), $5 (50+)
$11 each - $10 (10+), $9 (50+)

Tube Clamp

(TUA) 120949
Varian tube clamp. 3.5" diameter. NSN: 5820-00-760-8614.

Silver Anode Flexible Link

(COL) 652-2009-001
Silver anode flexible link. Surplus from Collins radio. Silver plated beryllium copper. 0.53" inside diameter cap. 5.75" overall length.
$10 each
$65 each

Heat Dissipating Plate Cap

(TUA) HR-2
Fits any tube with wire terminal out the top.

Heat Dissipating Plate Cap

(TUA) HR-6
Fits 3-500Z, etc.
$5 each
$15 each

Ceramic Plate Cap

(TUA) 36004
1/4" plate caps. Fits EL509 and sweep tubes.

Ceramic Plate Cap

(TUA) 36006
3/8" plate caps. Otherwise, same as left.
$8.50 each
$7 each

Air Chimney
Eimac SK1906

(TUA) SK-1906
Eimac SK1906 air chimney with contact ring SK1916. Fits 3CX800A7, 3CPX800A7, 3CX400A7. 2.53" inside diameter, 1-1/4" high. Four 4-40 tapped mounting holes on bottom. Used, removed. Excellent condition.
$25 each - $21 (3+)


Big Chimney

(TUA) SK316
Big chimney for 4CX15000 series. New, unused.
*** SOLD OUT ***