Telephone: Parts & Accessories

Craft Test Set
"Butt Set"
US Navy Rotary Dial Telephone
(TEL) TS21-087
Harris / Dracon craft test set, "Butt Set". Brand new in the box!!
$95 each
Q Personal HFK Accessory Kit
Qualcomm Q personal HFK accessory kit. Brand new in the box!
$15 each
Touch-Tone Keypad
US Navy Rotary Dial Telephone
(TEL) 35AF3A
Touch-tone keypad. New!
$65 each
ITT Telecom Handset
US Navy Rotary Dial Telephone
ITT Telecom beige handset with pigtail cord. New, old stock.
$19 each
Headset Microphone
ACS Communications Telephone Handset Microphone
(MIC) M-83534/2-02
ACS Communications Telephone headset and 15 foot coiled cord. PJ327 jack for telephone set, SM headset model, New Old Stock. Six sizes of ear tips, hand TeleGrip push to talk belt clip control. Black color. Part number M83534/2-02. NSN: 5965-01-301-2553.
$110 each
RJ-45 Telephone Jack Wall Plate
RJ-45 Telephone Jack Wall Plate
(TEL) 630C4-50-7P
RJ-45 telephone jack wall plate. 4 center terminals connected to screws 8P4C.
$1 each - 85¢ (10+), 70¢ (100+)

Superior 7' Modular Cable With Lugs

Superior 7' Modular Cable With Lugs
(TEL) 5430-07-63
Superior 7' modular cable with lugs. 1/4" plug (RG11). 4 pin. Made in U.S.
$1.95 each - $1.75 (10+)

Telco 6' Ivory Cord

(TEL) RJ11X6X6
Telco 6' ivory cord. RJ11. All 6 contacts wired!
$2 each - $1.50 (10+)

Contact Assembly

Contact Assembly Executone
(TEL) N3526
Executone contact assembly. 6"L x 1-3/4". Made for 10 button executone telephone. NSN: 5999-557-2261.
$2 each

Telephone Handset Cord

Telephone Handset Cord
(TEL) 4NW14-K
Telephone handset cord. 6 foot. Beige. 25 year old new stock. Western Electric quality.
$2.50 each - $2.25 (10+), $2 (50+)

Hard Wired
Telephone Cord

Hard Wired Telephone Cord
(TEL) H4CJ61-12-0
Hard wired telephone cord. NO connectors. Green, coiled. 12 foot long. 4 wire. Spade lugs. NSN: 5995-00-471-5016.
$5 each

25 Foot Extension

25 foot extension telephone cord
(TEL) EC-25
Salmon 25 foot modular extension cord.
$5 each
Phone / Data Jump Cords
Phone Data Jump Cord
Part Number Pic Description Length Price  
(TEL) X12-12-23 Pic RJ12 - RJ12, 6 Conductors (see pic) 23" 1.25 Add
(TEL) X11-11-30 - RJ11 - RJ11 30" SOLD OUT
(TEL) X45-45-4 Pic RJ45 - RJ45, 4 Conductors (see picture) 40-48" 2.00 Add
(TEL) X45-45-4R Pic RJ45 - RJ45, 4 Conductors Reversed (see picture) 58" 2.00 Add
(TEL) EC6 - RJ11 - RJ11 6 foot 1.75 Add
(TEL) X11-45-6 Pic RJ11 - RJ45, 2 Conductors Reversed (see picture)
Universal Data P/N: 61020202-0201
6 foot 5.00 Add
(TEL) X45-45-6 Pic RJ45 - RJ45, 6 Conductors (see picture),
Universal Data P/N: 61020192-0301
6 foot 5.00 Add
(TEL) X11-11-7 - RJ11 - RJ11 7 foot SOLD OUT
(TEL) X45-45-7 - RJ45 - RJ45 7 foot SOLD OUT

RJ12 Wall Plate
RJ45 Wall Plate RJ45 Wall Plate back side
(TEL) KR625B4
Beige 6 position 6 conductor RJ12 wall plate. High quality, government surplus.   May be used with a standard 4 conductor RJ11 plug.
$3 each - $2.50 (10+)

Teleco Wall Cover

Teleco Wall Cover Aluminum
(TEL) GB3293
2-3/4" x 5-1/4" x 1-1/8" deep assembly has plastic base and aluminum cover. Gray.
$1.95 each - $1.50 (10+)

RJ12 Round Wall Mount

RJ12 Round Wall Mount
(TEL) TA-4-6
SPC Technology round panel / wall mount. Beige, RJ12 (6 position / 6 conductor) with mount bracket - 2-3/8" c-c mount holes. 3-1/4"DIA x 3/16"H beyond panel / wall x 1/2" behind.
$3.75 each

RJ11 Round Wall Mount

RJ11 Round Wall Mount
(TEL) TA-4-4
SPC Technology round panel / wall mount. Beige, RJ11 (4 conductor jack) with mounting ring - 2-3/8" c-c mount holes. 3-1/4"DIA x 5/16"H beyond panel / wall x 3/8" behind.
$2.75 each
Wall Plate
Modular Wall Plate for Telephone
Modular wall plate for telephone.
$3.50 each - $3 (10+)
Wall Plate
(TEL) KR630AD4
As left but all stainless steel.
$6 each - $5 (5+)