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  • Thanks so much! You guys have some great, hard to find, products for my vintage TV/Radio hobby.
    Glad I found you guys online.    ~ Al, Maryland USA
  • Hello! I just received papers for Regency AR-135.
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  • Thank you! I'm incredibly pleased that I could find this switch - an exact replacement - for what had been my Father's 1951 Delta Milwaukee radial arm saw (which is light year's better in quality than the imports now available.
    Nice web site and very prompt service    ~ Bill, Pennsylvania USA
  • The 6.3v bulbs I ordered arrived today - in good shape. I replaced the main one I wanted and I'm back in business.
    (I have several friends with tube guitar amps too, so we're all covered)
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Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchangers

Goodman / Amana heat exchanger. 125,000 BTU. 5 cell. 25213-03S

Small DC Hobby Motors

NL5441A Nixie Tube & Socket Kit

Limited time special pricing!

Vintage Knob (KNB) A52PN

5U4GB Rectifier Tube (NOS)

Limited time special pricing!

Vintage Knob (KNB) A52PN

(LMP) WN-TL003

12 watt LED light fixture. 960 lumens. Quantity discounts available!

Indoor and Outdoor Air Conditioning Rack Cabinets

New Distribution Transformers

75KVA Dry-Type Distribution Transformer 220Y/127V 50Hz
(TP) T2A-79554-3S

Small DC Hobby Motors

Small DC Hobby Motors

DC Motor 12 - 24v DC.
NSN: 6105-01-127-5200

Unimax DA Series Roller Lever Microswitch

Roller Arm Microswitch

Unimax DA series roller lever microswitch. Double action.

Vintage Knob (KNB) A52PN

Voltmeter 0-150v DC

Auto-Power Electronics direct reading meter. Brand new!

GE Hour Meter

Hour & Event Meters

General Electric Hour Meter
(MTR) 50-236402AB

Toroidal Transformer

New Toroidal Transformers

95VA Toroidal Transformer 2 x 9v
(TP) AA50952-009

PC Mount Sealed Relay

Relays & Contactors

KV PC Mount Sealed Relay. 8PST,
N.O Double Contacts.
(KO) 0490-1385

Vintage Knob (KNB) A52PN

Air Conditioned Rack Cabinets

Indoor / Outdoor. Brand New!

GE Hour Meter

Strobe Flash Capacitors

Power / Flash Hybrid. Discharges. Applications between 300 and 500v.

Toroidal Transformer

(MOT) 20-1100B-2P

A.O. Smith Motor 1725 / 1 HP.

PC Mount Sealed Relay

(WRC) 3302/10

3M Scotchflex Rainbow Flat Ribbon Cable, 10 Conductor

Vintage Knob (KNB) A52PN

(HWX) 1645/60/70

Herbert Richter high quality suction mount for GPS / cell phones.

Aquisition of Fistell's Electronic Supply

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Bulbs and Displays

Bulbs / Displays

Incandescent, Panel, Neon, Aircraft, LED, Nixie, T2s, Vacuum, Welch Allyn
See all Bulbs / Displays.

Military and Commercial Carbon Comp Resistor

Carbon Comp Resistors

Commercial 4 Color Bands, Military 5 Color Bands. Many sizes and wattages
See all Carbon Comp Resistors.

Shaft Hardware, Control Knobs

Control Knobs

Replacement knobs for Collins, Raytheon and National equipment. We also have 1/8" Bore and "D" Shaft knobs for more versatile applications.
See all Knobs.

Manufacturer's Manuals

Manufacturer's Manuals

100's of Manufacturer's Manuals Available!
See all Manuals.

Electric Motors


Featuring DC Motors, Small / Large AC Motors, and our hot new Synchros Motors. Pictured is a Bodine Synchronous Motor that could make an excellent wind generator!
See all Motors.

Electric Transformers


Pictured are a few of our most recent additions including PC Mount Toroidal, Industrial Control, Distribution, and Toroidal transformers.
See all Transformers.

Military Carbon Comp Resistor

Vacuum Capacitors

Variable & Fixed. Motorized Vacuum Capacitors, Jennings Voltage Dividers
See all Vacuum Capacitors.

Vacuum Tubes

Vacuum Tubes

Navigate our thousands of tubes by part number: "A" to "M", "N" to "Z", "0" & "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7" to "99", and "100" & up.
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