Product Description

Western Electric "Retard Coil" power choke. 800 mH, 1.4 amps operating current. 4 ohms DCR. Hermetically sealed. 1/4" - 20 corner studs. 6.719" x 5.188" x 6.5"H. Some boxes are packed with January 31st, 1945 NY Times, but most were stored without boxes and have scratches.
Early Western Electric audio amplifier designs from the 20âs, used through the 50âs, implemented the Retard Coil, later known as a plate choke.  In the early days these were low current and very high quality.  This coil is actually made by Western Electric.  Hard-to-find gems like this are harder for us to find. NSN: 5950-00-147-5303.