**All Manuals are copies and are made-to-order unless otherwise noted.**
All manuals include schematics unless otherwise noted
Part Number Description Price
(PUB) DRAKE-1525 Drake 1525EM 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-1536 Drake 1536 AUX7 Auxiliary Program Board Installation & Operator's Manual 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-1A Drake 1A SB Receiver 19.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-2A Drake 2A SB Receiver 20.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-2AC Drake 2AC Xtal.Cal.for 2A Receiver 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-2AQ Drake 2AQ Spkr/Q-Mult.For 2-A 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-2B Drake 2B Receiver 20.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-2B/B Drake 2B Receiver Bulletin AVC, Etc. 11.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-2BQ Drake 2-BQ Q Mult. 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-2C Drake 2C Receiver 20.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-2CQ Drake 2CQ Spkr/Q-Mult.For 2C 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-2LF Drake 2LF Low Freq.Converter 11.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-2NB Drake 2NB Noise Blanker For Rx 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-2NT Drake 2-NT Transceiver 17.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-34NB Drake 34-NB Noise Blanker 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-583 Drake 583 Q-Multiplier 13.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-584A Drake 584A Phone Patch 13.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-9NB Drake 9NB Noise Blnkr for TR-6 14.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-AA10 Drake AA-10 PA 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-AC10 Drake AC10 P.S.for TR22 +Amp 11.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-AC3/D Drake AC3 P.S.for TR3 Dia.Only 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-AC4 Drake AC-4 P.S.for TR4/T4X 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-CPS1 Drake CPS-1 Power Supply Copy 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-DC3 Drake DC-3 DC P.S. for TR3 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-DC4 Drake DC-4 DC P.S.for TR4 11.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-DSR2 Drake DSR-2 Receiver 25.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-L4 Drake L-4 Amplifier 19.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-L4B Drake L-4B Amplifier 18.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-LA7 Drake LA7 Mic.Preamp Lo To 600 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-LIST Drake Spare Parts List 1976 25.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-ML2 Drake ML-2 Transceiver 25.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-MN2 Drake MN-2000 2KW Ant.Tuner 15.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-MN27 Drake MN-2700 Manual 20.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-MN4 Drake MN-4 300W Ant.Tuner 13.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-NB7 Drake NB-7 Noise Blanker Installation Manual 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-NB7A Drake NB7/A Mods 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-P75 Drake P75 Phone Patch Copy 15.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-PROMO Drake Full Line Promo 1979 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-PS7 Drake PS7 AC P.S. for TR7/A 13.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-PS7/N Drake PS7 Power Supply NEW Original Manual 45.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-R4 Drake R-4 Receiver 22.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-R4A Drake R-4A Receiver 22.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-R4B Drake R-4B Receiver 20.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-R4B/A Drake R-4B Align. Proc. Copy 15.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-R4C Drake R-4C Receiver 22.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-R7 Drake R-7 Receiver Copy, No Schematic 18.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-RCS4 Drake RCS4 Remote Coax Switch 12.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-RR-2 Drake RR-2 Communications Receiver Instruction Manual 36.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-RV3 Drake RV-3 Remote VFO for TR-3 11.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-RV4 Drake RV-4 Remote VFO for TR-4 11.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-RV4C Drake RV-4C VFO for TR4C 11.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-RV6 Drake RV-6 Remote VFO for TR-6 11.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-RV7 Drake RV-7 VFO for TR7/7A 13.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-SC2 Drake SC-2 2M Converter 13.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-SCC1 Drake SCC-1 Crystal Cal 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-SP75 Drake SP75 Speech Proc Copy 15.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-SPR4 Drake SPR-4 Receiver Copy 15.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-SSR1 Drake SSR-1 Receiver 18.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-SSR1/N Drake SSR-1 Rec. NEW Original Manual 45.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-SW4A Drake SW4A Gen.Cov.Receiver 19.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-T4X Drake T-4X, T4 21.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-T4XB Drake T-4XB 20.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-T4XC Drake T-4XC Copy 20.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TA4 Drake TA4 Xcvr Adapt.SPR4/T4XB 11.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TC6 Drake TC6 6m Transverter 19.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-THETA Drake THETA-7000E 20.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR22 Drake TR-22 2m Transceiver 15.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR22C Drake TR-22C 2m Later Version 18.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR3 Drake TR-3 80-10 SSB/CW Transceiver 21.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR33C Drake TR-33C Transceiver 21.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR4 Drake TR-4 H.F.w/FF1,AC4,RV4 22.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR4C Drake TR-4C SSB Transceiver w/PS 21.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR4CW Drake TR-4CW SSB Transceiver w/PS 21.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR5 Drake TR-5 HF SSB Transceiver copy 23.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR6 Drake TR-6 6m Transceiver 21.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR7 Drake TR-7 HF Transceiver 20.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR7/B Drake TR-7 HF Bulletins 11.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR7/S Drake TR-7 HF Service Manual 52.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR72 Drake TR-72 2m Trans Copy 20.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR7A Drake TR-7 Assy Install Guides 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR7A/ Drake TR-7A Operating Manual No Schematic 21.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR7P Drake TR-7 HF Promo 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR7PL Drake TR-7 HF 1980 Price List 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-TR7V Drake TR-7 VFO Change 10.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-UV3 Drake UV3 144/220/440 FM Operating Manual 20.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-UV3/S Drake UV3 144/220/440 FM Schematics Only 24.00 Add
(PUB) DRAKE-W4 Drake W4 H.F. Wattmetter 13.00 Add