Generator Transfer Switches
SPECTX 100™ Surge Protected
Energy Center & Transfer Switch
An Incredible Deal!! Original OEM cost over $2,800!!
(ELE) TSM-100
Spectx 100™ Surge Protected Energy Center and Transfer Switch. For home or commercial use, the reduced footprint SPECTX 100™ maximizes space and installation time. Combining four panels into one optimizes service distribution while providing superior power protection.

The SPECTX 100™ provides more usable wall space in cabinets, shelters, businesses and homes. Quality and dependability are built in whether the transfer system supplies telephone power plants, UPS equipment, computers, other critical loads or electronics in residences and office complexes....And the best news is these switches are factory fresh in sealed boxes and are ready to ship to your home or business. Can ship by UPS or motor freight.

Unit is housed in a NEMA 3R Enclosure (20-1/4"W x 34"H x 8"D) which is constructed for either indoor or outdoor use and provides a degree of protection to personnel against incidental contact with the enclosed equipment. The enclosure also provides a degree of protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, and snow; and that will be undamaged by the external formation of ice on the enclosure. Includes two Surge Blox PR1XXC Surge Suppressors.
  • Mechanically Interlocked MTS (Walking Beam)
  • Surge Blox™ Suppression System
  • LEDs / Alarms (Audible, Visual & Remote Indicators)
  • GFI Receptacle Outlet
  • 100 Amp Manual Transfer Switch
  • 30 Amp Generator Inputs
  • Surge Current Capacity > 200K Peak Amps
  • Includes two Surge Blox PR1XXC Surge Suppressors
  • Made by A.C. Data Systems / Electric Equipment & Engineering
  • Shipping weight = 80 pounds
History on the Spectx 100, a battle tank of a generator transfer switch. Crown Castle collaborated on design and commissioned the construction of this very special Integrated Load Center. The cabinet and breaker mechanics were built by Electric Equipment and Engineering Co., the suppression and marketing by AC Data Systems. Original cost was about $2,800 each. Includes two Surge Blox PR1XXC Surge Suppressors.

Theory of operation: The original design was to support tower lighting at the base of a cellular tower. Main power enters the panel and splits to a 100 amp main breaker and a separate 30 amp breaker that dumps to a power connector on the panel side. That 100 amp breaker is integrated to a mechanical walking beam interlock with a second 30 amp generator input breaker that prevents both switch elements from being on simultaneously. The output circuit panel is equipped with one 20 amp Square D breaker feeding a GFI outlet on the Load Center side. Provisions for an additional 11 breakers exist. It has two very high end Surge Blox 200 Suppressor Modules mounted directly on the copper load bus. They have a red/green self checking LED circuit and companion alarm panel with Form C contacts to activate an alarm in the event of suppression failure. AC Data Systems, manufacturer of the Surge Blox 200 states this assemblage offers redundant protection to prevent damage from repetitive voltage spikes generated by recurrent outages or by the turning on and off of other mechanical and electrical equipment as well as from oscillatory, decaying transients generated by lightning.

In it’s original design, a 30 amp generator with Automatic Transfer Switch (supplied by others) would monitor power to the tower shack, charge it’s battery, etc. from one of the 3 blade 30 amp connectors. If power on the main feed was lost, the generator would start and supply temporary power until a service man could arrive and manually switch the generator into the main circuits with the Spectx 100. At that time breakers in the 12 position panel could be set to draw no more than the 30 amp output of the generator.

Includes two Surge Blox PR1XXC Surge Suppressors. The complete model number on this Spectx 100 Load Center is TSM-100-3AA2BY-1348S-2571-XXC.
Only $745 each - $695 (6+)