Antenna Fastening & Accessories (Guy Cables)
Heavy Steel Plate
(HWX) SC-B-189026
Heavy steel plate. Olive drab. 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 0.17" thick. 6 mounting holes on 3-3/4" x 4-3/4" matrix.
$15.95 each
3/4" J-Bolt
Where were these J bolts when you needed them last time? In our warehouse! We've been whittling off the pile for years. Just sink one in soft cement. 8.25” long total length, 2” return on J hook. Galvanized.
$2 each
Steel Standoff Bracket
(HWX) SC-C-189025
Steel standoff bracket. Face holes match steel plate SC-B-189026 (above right). 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 2-3/4"H. Mounting holes on 3-3/4" c-c.
$26.95 each
Antenna Bracket
(HWX) A3017142
Antenna bracket. Mates with SC-B-189026 (above) and SC-C-189025 (left). 5" x 8-1/2" x 5". Includes hardware.
$25 each
High Tensile Strength End Insulator
(ANT) 3G1300-272
High tensile strength end insulator. 7 lbs. 2"D insulator. 15-3/4" c-c eyelets. NOTE: Crate marked 3G1300-272. Part marked 71003-1.
$39 each - $35 (3+)
Tower Strain Insulator
(ANT) PP502
Tower strain insulator. Ceramic. 10,000 # tensile strength. Brown. 4"H x 2-1/2"D. 1/2"D holes.
$20 each
Aircraft Cable
(WUN) ACC.065
Stainless steel high strength aircraft cable, 0.065" (about 1/16") diameter. Use for many different light duty guy cable situations.
$1 ft - 90¢ (10+), 75¢ (25+), 50¢ (200+)
Telescoping Mast
Push up 30 foot mast. No guy rings. Local pick-up only.
$30 each
Strain Insulator
(ANT) RE61AA301F
Strain insulator. 27.5"L OA x 3" diameter OA. Brown glazed ceramic grade L422. 20"L x 1-7/8"D. 3-3/4"L bronze end caps. 5/8" x 1-1/2" wire rope opening.
$95 each
Recording Light
Military Surplus recording light mast. 4 - 60" sections + base. 20 feet tall. New in canvas bag. (One extra set for parts - broken section).
$95 each
Cable Tie Clamp
U-Bolt for 1/8" Cable
High quality cable tie clamp. U-bolt for 1/8" cable. Zinc / galvanized.
$1.19 each - 93¢ (10+), 69¢ (25+)
Cable Clamp
(ANT) TA9000GV
TA Co cable clamp. 5/16" forged. Galvanized wire rope clamp.
$1.75 each - $1 (10+), 75¢ (25+)
Cable Clamp
1/4" Aircraft Cable Clamp
1/4" aircraft cable clamp.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Antenna Mounting Bracket
(ANT) SMD-613079
Aluminum bracket fits large mobile insulator base. Green, naturally. 3" diameter center hole, 3-1/2" center to center on mounting holes.
$9 each
Stainless Straps
(ANT) S6284
3/4" x 15-1/2" hanger straps made from stainless steel are tough and last forever in the outdoors. Accomodates 1/2" -3" diameter cable bundle/tower legs, etc.
$2 each - $1 (10+), 80¢ (25+), 65¢ (100+)
Tower Strain Insulator
Brown strain insulator for towers. High strength strain insulator rated at 20,000 pounds, 40kv. 5-1/4" long x 3-1/4" diameter with 1" I.D. holes.
$25 each - $22 (10+)
Tower Strain Insulator
(ANT) HH-I-435B
Talley Industries glazed ceramic high strength strain insulator rated at 20,000 pounds, 40kv. 5-3/4" long x 3-3/8" diameter with 1" I.D. holes. Mil-Spec.
$25 each - $22 (10+)

Antenna Trailing Wire

This is the most incredible copperweld antenna wire we've ever seen. Originally used on an aircraft as a trailing antenna, it came on a spool with over 28,000 feet, weighing in at over a ton. It is strong and flexible enough to reel out of the plane at 600 mph and not break, even with 1000's of pounds of its own weight tugging. The cable has three groups of seven strands woven together then twisted into one cable .162" in diameter. This weave makes the cable much more flexible and easy to handle than a 6 AWG solid copperweld would be. Extremely heavy copper plating allowed for wear and tear as an antenna and gives you a lifetime of duralility in the elements. Available in precut lengths.
Part Number Description Price  
(WUN) TWA-150 150 feet pre-cut trailing wire copperweld 170.00 Add
(WUN) TWA-300 300 feet pre-cut trailing wire copperweld 299.00 Add
(WUN) TWA-500 500 feet pre-cut trailing wire copperweld 495.00 Add

7 x 12 AWG Copperweld
Antenna / Guy Wire
(WUN) CW-712
Seven strands of 12 AWG copper plated steel, 3/8" diameter. Strong enough to guy the bigger towers, this Copperweld cable can be used for an antenna, guywire or both. Insulate at top and bottom of tower to isolate cable, the feed it at one end. Make slopers, dipoles, etc. 500' rolls only. Made by Copperweld Southern, Inc.
$249 each
Phosphor Bronze
Antenna / Guy Cable
95% copper, 5% alloy, this non-ferrous cable was originally designed for use in explosive environments, (i.e. mines). Very suitable for conductive antennas, guy wires, radials, etc. Super flexible. 1/8" diameter, 525 lbs. tensile strength.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Same as above except 3/16" in diameter, 1,470 lbs tensile strength.
$2.75 per foot - $2.30 (100+)
Same as above except 1/4" in diameter.
*** SOLD OUT ***
3/8" Stainless Thimble
(ANT) S3/8S
WC quality made stainless steel thimble for 3/8" cable.
$3 each - $2.25 (10+)
3/8" Galvanized Thimble
(ANT) MS16805-1
Galvanized thimble. Fits 3/8" cable / rope. 2-3/4" long. NSN: 4030-00-498-8071.
25¢ each - 20¢ (10+), 15¢ (50+)
Ground Rod Clamp
(ANT) 70-801074
5/8" bronze ground rod clamp. Direct burial. Only 34 in stock.
$4.50 each
Splice Conductor
(TSL) DS-10
Solid copper clamps up to 4-1/0 wires.
$3 each - $2.50 (5+)
Enormous U-Bolt
Handles 5/16" to 1/2" guy cable. Extra heavy duty. Zinc.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Cable Clamp
(ANT) 6448
Big fat galvanized clamp jaw opens to 1/2". 3-1/2" long. 1-5/8" wide.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Terminal Post
Guy Clamp
Burndy splice post (includes nut). Ideal for 1/4" aircraft cable but jaw opens to 5/8". Clamps on one or both sides. Zinc plated.
$2.50 each - $2 (10+), $1.50 (50+)
Terminal Post
Guy Clamp
Same as (TSL) GB4C but shorter bolt allows 1/4" gap.
$2 each
Polyphaser Coax Protector Mounting Kit
(ANT) RRX4032A
Packaged for Motorola, this Polyphaser mounting kit is just that. Polyphaser not included.
$10 each
Aluminum Stock
(ANT) AL-5
Surplus Sales acquired a few sticks of square and rectangular aluminum stock. Limited availability in other sizes too. 5" wide x 1-3/4" high, 20 foot long, can cut.
$125 each
(ANT) AL-3
3" square, 10 foot or 20 foot long.
$60 (10 ft), $100 (20 ft)