Commercial Antennas
Watkins Johnson Communications Antenna
(ANT) SX1126-1
Watkins Johnson (WJCI) communication antenna UNII PZMP. Includes equitorial mount kit. TX-5727-5751 MHz, RX-5775-5799 MHz. Band A CPE.
$975 each
Watkins Johnson Broadband Fixed Wireless System Xverter
(ANT) SX1127-1
Watkins Johnson (WJCI) broadband fixed wireless system transverter with hail shield and mounting kit. Band AHE CR. Transmit - 5799 MHz, receive - 5751 MHz. Connector retro fit installed. New.
$975 each
MicroPulse 1930NW - E/F Active
Outdoor GPS Antenna
(ANT) 1930NW
MicroPulse 1930NW - E/F active outdoor GPS antenna.
26 dB amp. Requires 6 - 8 vdc via coax. Mounted on 46" aluminum pipe with 3/4" right angle LB weather proof mount. Requires 1-1/8" mounting hole. 5 foot RG-400, 50 ohm PTFE cable with "N" male connectors runs from antenna through pipe. 3"D x 3-3/4"H. Removed from new, unused equipment.
$125 each - $109 (3+)
Ericsson Mini-Link
(ANT) UK2601R2A
Ericsson radio link - mini. Mini-Link BAS 28 GHz UKL 601 03/21 R2A.
$250 each
Allgon 800 / 1900 MHz Cellular Antenna
80º Horizontal Beam Width
(ANT) ALVC-800/1900-80-14/17-0-D
Allgon 800 / 1900 MHz cellular antenna. 80º horizontal beam width. 14 dB gain @ 800 MHz. 17 dB gain @ 1900 MHz. Single 7/16" "DIN" connector. Measures 11" x 54" x 6". Brand new in the box!!
$375 each