Audio / Video Tapes
Memorex 7C Chroma 1/2" Recording Tape
(TAP) 80-7C
Memorex 7C chroma 1/2" recording tape. 1/2" x 1200'.
$35 each
Sony V-71 High Density Video Tape
(TAP) V71
Sony high density video tape for helical scan video tape recorders. V-71. 380m / 1240'. 25 micron. 1.0 mil. In sealed boxes!
$20 each
Ampex Magnetic Tape
(full case, 6 sealed pkgs)
(TAP) 79527GJ2GC
Ampex magnetic tape. Polyethylene terephthalate. 10.5"d x 1/2"w. Aluminum reel. 4,600 ft. DLA900-92-M-DK09. NSN: 5895-00-168-9504.
$75 each
Empty Cartridge
Criterion empty cartridge. Plastic case with hardware.
$11 each - $9 (6+)
1/2" Splicing Tape
(TAP) 6SC-13
Soundcraft 1/2" splicing tape. 66" roll.
$3.50 each - $2.75 (6+)
Scotch Empty Plastic 7" Reels
(TAP) RB-1/4-7
Scotch empty plastic 7" reels. New in the box.
$6 each
3M / Scotch Video Tape
(TAP) 350-1-2460-R91B
3M / Scotch video tape. 1" x 2,460 feet. New, old stock.
$15 each
Ampex Precision Magnetic
Sound Recording Tape
(TAP) 775965N11C
Ampex precision magnetic sound recording tape. 2" wide, 1,875 feet on an 8" reel. NSN: 5835-00-215-3769.
$119 each
Sound Recording Tape
(TAP) TW-1/U
Soundcraft sound recording tape. 2" x 980 feet. Vintage 1957 in sealed can and in original box.
$25 each
Nortronics T60-E Transformer
(TA) T60-E
Nortronics T60-E bias oscillator transformer. Used in Ampex tape machines. Vintage new, old stock. Vacuum tube circuit, can & lug mount. 40 - 70 KHz operating frequency. 7v and 120v secondary voltage. Anodized aluminum can (1-1/8"D x 1-1/8"H). 2 threaded 6-32 x 3/8" spade lugs. From production stock of Gates / Harris Broadcast.
$25 each