Miscellaneous Auto Parts
Seat Cover
(ATO) JAZ150-104-01
Seat cover. High back. Black. Box is marked "Vette". Brand new in box!
$75 each
Aircraft Tire Valve Stem Cap
(AHD) MS20813-1
Aircraft tire valve stem cap. Hex shape allows wrench tightening, reducing theft!. Sold brass. Painted safety yellow. Rubber seal gasket.
$2.50 each - $2.25 (10+), $2 (25+)
Red "Mighty-Mini" Strobe Lens
(LMP) 92032
Grote Mfg. red "Mighy-Mini" strobe lens, vehicular light lens. Fits Grote strobe 77102. Thickness: 2.74" (69.59mm) x 4.8" (103.73mm) diameter. New in the box. Military surplus. NSN: 6220-01-245-6270. Replace your worn, hazy trailer lamp lenses today!!
$21 each
Rotating Amber Beacon / Vehicular Warning Light
(LMP) SAE-W3-68
Grote Mfg. rotating amber beacon / vehicular warning light. Amber. 24v. Includes mounting hardware and instructions. Polycarbonate dome. Incandescent bulb. 6"H x 4-1/8" diameter top x 7" diameter base. Made in the USA. NSN: 6220-00-947-7570.
$115 each - $99 (3+)
Tail Light Lens
(LMP) 430-25
Peterson tail light lens. Red. 4" x 7-1/2". Fits 430R combination tail lamp. NSN: 6220-00-404-6249. NOTE: This item fits this light assembly (not included).
$3.95 each - $3.30 (6+), $2.95 (25+)
Mopar Oil Pressure Sending Unit
(SEN) 3488609
Mopar oil pressure sending unit. 1/8" NPT. Fits 1968 - 1974 Dodge Charger, Coronet, Super Bee, Challenger, Road Runner, GTX, Barracuda with oil gauge instead of light.
$59 each - $55 (6+), $50 (25+)
Tachometer Power Unit
Sun Electric (Chicago, IL) tachometer power unit. Model WU-2A. 1 to 1. For use with transmitter model WPA-1 series. Circa 1969. New! in original box with instructions. Diesel engine.
$95 each
Bulb Bracket
(LMP) 58124
Hi-Lite IPTS complete bulb bracket with 4" ground wire. #58124. 12v DC. 50" hot lead. Includes wedge lamp.
$2 each - $1.75 (10+), $1.50 (50+)
Kelsey-Hayes Electric Brake Selective Resistor
12 volt
(RWF) 41149
Kelsey-Hayes electric brake selective resistor. 12 volt.
$25 each

Vecor Deluxe Safe-T Slide

(MIS) 817
Vecor Deluxe Safe-T slide. 1970's style. Tape player or Cb radio lock and slide bracket.
$5 each
Blind Spot Mirror
Adjustable Stainless Steel Arms
Blind spot mirror with adjustable stainless steel arms. High quality! 8" convex glass. Mirror arm adjusts 22"-29". Support arm adjusts 20"-31". Brass compression rings. Height of the convex portion of the mirror, including the base is 2-3/8".
$8.95 each - $7.50 (6+), $5.75 (20+), $5 (100+)
8" Bus Mirror
(MIS) 02010527
"8 bus mirror. Buy a spare mirror for our (MIS) BUSMIRROR assembly on left. Height of the convex portion of the mirror, including the base is 2-3/8".
$5.95 each
Clum Electrical Switch
(SWZ) 25927
Clum electrical switch. #63 and #25927. Another one of Fistell's treasures! 1 switch is missing key and knurled trim nut. Key #63 included. Fits very early automobiles. Labels in varying conditions.
$95 each
Clum #68 Key
Clum #68 key. Excellent condition!
$20 each
Vintage Gas Cap with
Special Restricted Vent
(ATO) G21A
Stant Evrseal vintage gas cap with special restricted vent. #G-21. "A" size. Fits the following vehicles: Chevrolet '49 to '52, Ford '49 to '52, Mercury '52 and early '53, Willys Jeep, Jeepster, Station Wagon except CJ models '41 to '54, Willys Aero, All. Can also be used on most cars having "A" size filler neck. Made in the USA.
$45 each
Vintage 1969
Nebraska Plates
Vintage 1969 Nebraska license plates w/ 1970 endorsement. These plates are required to license your antique collectible car if it is year 1969 or 1970 in Nebraska.
$95 / set
Fuel Gauge
(MTR) 6430565
Fuel gauge. Chrome bezel. Negative ground, DC current type. Scale: E - 1/4 - 1/2 - 3/4 - F. 2-1/4" outside diameter x 2" depth. 2" mounting hole. NSN: 6680-050-8401.
$18 each
Window Handle
Vintage window regulator handle replacement w/screw. Made in Taiwan. Replacement part for Ford #D2FZ-6223342-A. Circa 1971+, Mustang, Pinto, Fiesta, Escort, Festiva, among others. Standard replacement window handle. Chrome plated with soft rubber grip. Fits standard 0.4" spline post on almost all autos and trucks. 4-1/2" total length.
$8.95 each - $7.95 (10+), $6.99 (100+)
Directional Switch
(SWX) 12339312-1
Directional switch. Giant military vehicle turn signal switch. 24 vdc. Lever measures 7" overall. NSN: 6220-01-322-2271.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Unit Vehicle Lamp
(LMP) 402248R
Unit vehicle lamp. 3 wire. 12 vdc. 3-1/2" diameter red lens. Use for tail lights / brake lights. NSN: 6220-01-246-5317.
$5 each - $4.50 (6+), $4 (24+)
Speaker Plug
Wiring Harness
(CNE) 71-267-2
Metrawire GM rear speaker plug wiring harness. 1978-1990. Plugs into OEM radio.
$2.50 each
Speedometer Adapter
(ATO) 6409053
Speedometer adapter. Right angle drive for speedometer cable. 0.869" diameter threads. MS39130-12-S. NSN: 6680-818-0428.
$15 each