Other Maxwell Products: Switches, Power Supplies
Power Supply Controller
(PS) 65064
A quality Maxwell high voltage DC controller designed for use in pulse power systems with high noise levels. Only 5 available, new in the box with manuals.
$1,500 each
(PS) 65064-TC
Top cover for (PS) 65064.
$35 each
(PS) 65064-BC
Bottom cover for (PS) 65064.
$45 each
Delay Generator Modules
(EQPMAX) 40150C
10-100 uS, Delay Module. Modular design of the Model 40150 allows up to seven variable delay modules or trigger channels to plug into mainframe. Modules can be cascaded. Trigger input: +10v, Sync output: +10v, Trigger output: 500v. We have only limited quantities of three models on hand at reduced prices.
$245 each
(EQPMAX) 40150H
100-1000 uS, Delay Module.
$225 each
Maxwell Bushing
(ICR) 56180
High voltage plastic bushing. Spares from the manufacturing of Maxwell's 70 kv oil capacitors. 4" diameter male thread on bottom, 3/4" center hole, 6-1/2" total diameter.
$10 each
Inverter Assembly
(PS) 97954-502
Maxwell PCB inverter assembly. 408v.
$300 each
(PS) 97954-502
Maxwell PCB inverter assembly.
$300 each