Collins: 30L-1

30L-1 Front Panel Inlay
30L1 front panel inlay. Glue film was applied to the back in production but never installed. Unknown emblem prep. Please observe all perforations. Some minor blemishes. Select choice from numbered pictures. This item is Non-returnable.
$119 - Panel #4
$119 - Panel #5
Cetron 811A/JAN
(TUT) 811A-JAN
Never before at this price, 811A/JAN Cetron. Buy these late date Cetron tubes made to the original RCA specifications because Cetron (US company!) bought RCA. Anyway, they are made to run horizontal or vertically. YES, you are correct!

This is the exact tube Collins installed in the thousands of 30L-1s they produced for 30 years! Enjoy higher duty cycle and will last many times longer than imported tubes.
We are almost sold out of our prized 811A...forever!

$75 each
$159 (for matched pair)
$247 (for matched set of 3)
$319 (for matched set of 4)
Inlay Plate
Loading and tuning inlay plate for 30L-1 amplifier. 2-3/4" wide x 5" long.
*** SOLD OUT ***
30L-1 Escutcheon
(COL) ESCT-30L-1
30L-1 Escutcheon. 1 available. Blemished. See enlargement picture for blemishes.
*** SOLD OUT ***
30L-1 Manual
(PUB) COL-30L1/C
Operation and maintenance manual, 8th Edition, 15 July, 1966. Includes fold-out diagrams. Photocopy only.
$19 each
30L-1 Plate Bypass
(COL) 240-0059-00
L11, 2.5 mH choke bypass' plate lead to ground.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Parasitic Choke
(COL) 547-3654-002
Z1 and Z2 chokes on 811A's.
$18 each - $15 (6+)
DPDT Relay
115v DC
DPDT Relay KR2565-1, Collins 970-1914-000
(COL) 970-1914-000
Potter & Brumfield. The original KR2565-1 relay. DPDT, 115 vdc coil. Fits 30L, 32S, 62S-1, KWM2. It's a sensible replacement part to have on hand.
$85 each - $75 (6+)
30L-1 Transformer
(COL) 662-0010-00
Power transformer, original JB part, is T1 on the 30L-1 schematic. Some shelf wear.
$499 each
30L-1 Power Cord
(WCC) CS12
Perfect replacement cord for your Collins 30L-1 amplifier 7'6" long, 14 gauge, 3 conductor. A superior UL / CSA rated SJT cord with foil shielded/ drain to prevent EMI / RFI penetration! Black. Add our strain relief (RPS) SR-6P4 to your order to make the replacement a breeze.
$6.95 each - $5.95 (3+)
30L-1 Tank Coil
(COL) 547-3708-003
Collins 30L-1 tank coil. L10. 1-3/4" x 3-3/4". Tapped winding on glazed ceramic form.
$117 each
Erie CK70 Feedthru
(FRI) CK70AW-102M
Erie CK70 feedthru. 1,000 pF, 1 kv. NOTE: Does not include nut or washer.
$14 each
Other 30L-1 Parts
Part Number Description Price Each  
(COL) 183-1563-00 C10, 10 µF, 250v 4.00 Add
(COL) 240-0173-00 L19, 1.5 µH Ch 6.00 Add
(COL) 240-1244-000 L8 Filament Transformer Click Here for Picture 85.00 Add
(COL) 264-4110-00 F1, F2 - 8 amp fuse SOLD OUT
(COL) 353-1661-00 CR1-16 Diodes 2.00 Add
(COL) 376-0205-00 R16 ALC Pot SOLD OUT
(COL) 930-0035-00 0.15 µF, 5 kv Cap 165.00 Add
(COL) 930-0035-00/U CSI oil capacitor, 0.15 µF, 5 kvdc, 10%, No PCBs, Chipped insulators,
Click Here for Picture
100.00 Add