Collins: 32S-1, 3

Collins 32S Manuals
Latest revision manuals for each of the following series transmitters included op., service and schematics.
(PUB) COL-32S1
32S-1. New Original.
$24 each
(PUB) COL-32S-3
32S-3. New Original.
$24 each
32S-3A, Photocopy.
$35 each
32S-1 Potentiometer / Switch
500k Ohm
(COL) 376-7403-000
Collins 32S-1 potentiometer / switch. 500k ohm.
$37 each
32S-3 PA Loading Trimmer
(COL) 918-0010-000
PA loading trimmer. 63 - 320 pF. C146 in 32S-3.
*** SOLD OUT ***
PA Loading Trimmer
(COL) 918-0006-000
PA loading trimmer. 100 - 500 pF. C80, C135, C136.
$12 each
Balanced Modulator
Fairchild solid state quad diode set used as balanced modulators in Collins transmitters.
(SDI) FA4092
Balanced modulator.
$75 each
(SDI) CA6987
$75 each
32S Filter Cap
(COL) 183-1479-00
Two section 8 µF @ 300 volts and 25 µF @ 25 volts. If your 32S-1/3 cap is original, it should be replaced.
$5 each - $4 (5+)
DPDT Relay
115 vdc
DPDT Relay KR2565-1, Collins 970-1914-000
(COL) 970-1914-000
Potter & Brumfield. The original KR2565-1 relay. DPDT, 115 vdc coil. Fits 30L, 32S, 62S-1, KWM2. It's a sensible replacement part to have on hand.
$85 each - $75 (6+)
General Electric 6146B / 8298A
Sold Individually or in Matched Pairs
(TUT) 6146B/8298A
General Electric 6146B / 8298A premium tubes. Recommended for any transmitter using 6146Bs including Collins, Kenwood, Yaesu, etc. New in original in factory cartons. Last chance to stock up on these rare beauties. Date codes 1981-1985.
$59 each - $55 (10+ singles)
(TUT) 6146B/8298A-MP
Matched pairs. Otherwise, same as above.
$128 matched pair - $120 (10+ matched pairs)
(TUT) 6146B/8298A-MT
Matched trio (3 tubes). Otherwise, same as above.
$200 / set
General Electric 6146W
Sold Individually or in Matched Pairs
(TUT) 6146W
Our most popular tubes. Heavy duty "W" model made for use in military equipment where rugged environment survival was essential. Manufactured by General Electric in the good old USA. In most cases, our 6146W will directly replace 6146, 6146A and 6146B. Made for use in Collins and other U.S. manufactured equipment. Date code: 1987.
$45 each
(TUT) 6146W-MP
Matched pairs. Otherwise, same as above.
$100 matched pair
Other 32S Parts
Part Number Description Price Each  
(TUT) 32S1 Tube Kit 32S-1. Basic kit includes all tubes but the finals 115.00 Add
(TUT) 32S-3 Tube Kit 32S-3. Basic kit includes all tubes but the finals 115.00 Add
(COL) 269-1981-000 Switch Wafer S5 48.00 Add
(COL) 269-1982-000 Switch Wafer S6 48.00 Add