Collins: KWM / HF-380 Knobs
Dual Knob
(COL) 281-0659-040
Gain and selectivity knob set. Also can be used for other applications. 1/8" and 1/4" shafts.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Single Knob
(COL) 281-0659-010
Most popular knob on the 380. Used on meter, mic./ car, mode and VFO. 1/4" shaft. Matches dual knob on left.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Main Knob
(COL) 281-0659-020
Pick up a shiny new main spinner knob at a lower price than ever before!
*** SOLD OUT ***
Trimmer Knob
(COL) 281-0160-000
0.25" diameter knob used for front panel Vox and Gain trim functions. 1/8" shaft.
$9 each - $8 (5+)
Complete Knob Kit
Complete set of all 11 knobs for the 380. Replace all at once or as needed. Set is discounted from individual prices.
*** SOLD OUT ***