Collins Tube Specials
Cetron 811A/JAN
(TUT) 811A-JAN
Never before at this price, 811A/JAN Cetron. Buy these late date Cetron tubes made to the original RCA specifications because Cetron (US company!) bought RCA. Anyway, they are made to run horizontal or vertically. YES, you are correct!

This is the exact tube Collins installed in the thousands of 30L-1s they produced for 30 years! Enjoy higher duty cycle and will last many times longer than imported tubes. We are almost sold out of our prized 811A...forever!
$49 each
$105 (for matched pair)
$160 (for matched set of 3)
$210 (for matched set of 4)
Raytheon 4D32
Very Hard to Find Transmitting Tube
(TUT) 4D32
New in the Box!! Transmitting tube, fits Collins: 32V-1, 32V-2, 32V-3. 1977 date codes.
$55 each - $59 (3+), $52.75 (13+)
General Electric 6146B / 8298A
Sold Individually or in Matched Pairs
(TUT) 6146B/8298A
General Electric 6146B / 8298A premium tubes. Recommended for any transmitter using 6146Bs including Collins, Kenwood, Yaesu, etc. New in original in factory cartons. Last chance to stock up on these rare beauties. Date codes 1981-1985.
$59 each - $55 (10+ singles)
(TUT) 6146B/8298A-MP
Matched pairs. Otherwise, same as above.
$128 matched pair - $120 (10+ matched pairs)
(TUT) 6146B/8298A-MT
Matched trio (3 tubes). Otherwise, same as above.
$200 / set
General Electric 6146W
Sold Individually or in Matched Pairs
(TUT) 6146W
Our most popular tubes. Heavy duty "W" model made for use in military equipment where rugged environment survival was essential. Manufactured by General Electric in the good old USA. In most cases, our 6146W will directly replace 6146, 6146A and 6146B. Made for use in Collins and other U.S. manufactured equipment. Date code: 1987.
$45 each
(TUT) 6146W-MP
Matched pairs. Otherwise, same as above.
$100 matched pair
General Electric Driver Tube
(TUR) 6CL6
Attention Collins owners. This is the single best favor you can do your 32S-1 / S-3 or KWM-2 transmitter. Its cheap and effective. Replace the DRIVER tube!!!! Of 6CL6's that are available on the market, this is the best there is.
$6 each - $5 (10+), $4 (100+)
Electron Tube
(TUR) 5749
General Electric 5749W electron tube. DC: 1987. 20,000+ available!! NSN: 5960-00-134-6004.
$4.25 each - $3.75 (100+)
Part Number Description Price Each  
(TUR) 6AZ8 6AZ8 8.00 Add
(TUR) 6BA6/5749W 6BA6 / 5749W We supply Phillips & GE 2.75 Add
(TUR) 6AL5-GE 6AL5, GE, Boxed consumer. Made in Uruguay. Large quantities available. 1.75 Add
(TUT) 6DC6 6DC6 8.00 Add
(TUT) 6U8A 6U8A 9.00 Add

Solid State Replacements
5U4 / 5R4, 5Y3, 5V4, 5Z4
(SDI) 1N1239
Plug in solid state replacement for vacuum tubes 5R4 & 5U4. Octal base. Rated @ 2800 vdc, 1 amp. 1-3/8" Diameter x 1-1/8" high.

Solid State direct replacement modules are much more efficient than their vacuum tube predecessors. In some case, dropping resistors should be used if the higher output voltages often yielded with these diodes will create an unsafe condition. No heater current is required, saving watts there too.
$18 each
Collins Tube Kits
S-Line & KWM-2
30L-1, KWM-1
Shown: (TUT) KWM1
Part Number Description Price Each  
(TUT) KWM1 Complete tube kit w/ 6146s 205.00 Add
(TUT) KWM-2/A-KIT Complete tube kit no / 6146Ws 142.00 Add
(TUT) 32S-1 Complete tube kit no / 6146Ws 115.00 Add
(TUT) 32S-3 Complete tube kit no/ 6146Ws 115.00 Add
(TUR) 51S-1 Complete tube kit has 17 tubes. 189.00 Add
(TUR) 62S-1 Complete tube kit w/ 4X150 239.00 Add
(TUR) 75A3 Tube Kit for 75A-3 149.00 Add
(TUR) 75A4 Tube Kit for 75A-4 169.00 Add
(TUR) 75S-1 Complete tube kit 125.00 Add
(TUR) 75S-3 Complete tube kit 110.00 Add