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Surplus Sales carries a wide range of Collins equipment and replacement parts to keep your amplifier, transmitter, receiver, or transceiver operating! We have an extensive list of manuals, filters & crystals, and tubes as well as pages broken down by model number.
Assorted Collins Parts

Assorted Collins Parts

Collins Museum Equipment


Collins Filters & Crystals 1

Filters & Crystals 1

Collins Filters & Crystals 2

Filters & Crystals 2

Collins Knobs

Collins Knobs

Dust Covers

Dust Covers

Miscellaneous Collins Parts

Miscellaneous Collins Parts

Collins Manuals


Collins Plugs & Jacks

Plugs & Jacks

Collins Relays


Switches & Pots

Switches & Pots

Collins Tube Specials

Tube Specials

Collins 30L-1


Collins 30S-1


Collins 32S-1 or 32S-3

32S-1 / 32S-3

Collins 32V


Collins 51S-1


Collins 516F-2


Collins 62S-1


Collins 651S-1


Collins R390 / A

R390 / A

Collins 75S-1 / 75S-2 / 75S-3

75S-1 / 75S-2 / 75S-3

Collins: KWM / HF-380 Accessories

KWM / HF-380 Accessories

KWM / HF-380 Boards

KWM / HF-380 Boards

Collins: KWM / HF-380 Chassis Components

KWM / HF-380 Chassis Components

KWM / HF-380 Connectors

KWM / HF-380 Connectors

Collins: KWM / HF-380 Knobs

KWM / HF-380 Knobs

KWM / HF-380 WARC Chips

KWM / HF-380 WARC Chips

Collins: KWM / HF-380 Miscellaneous Parts

KWM / HF-380 Miscellaneous Parts

KWM / HF-380 Switches & Pots

KWM / HF-380 Switches & Pots

Collins: KWM-2 / KWM-2A Parts

KWM-2 / KWM-2A Parts

Collins: PP-3700 / PRC-41 Battery Eliminator

PP-3700 / PRC-41 Battery Eliminator

Watt Meters 312B-3 312B-4 312B-5 302C1 302C2

Watt Meters
312B-3,4,5 / 302C1/2

Collins Radio Company is often regarded by ham enthusiasts to be the best radio equipment ever made. In their founding year, the company captured worldwide attention when they established the first communications link with the South Pole in 1933. Collins expanded to become the principle supplier for radio and navigational equipment for the US Military during WWII and later went on to provide communications for astronauts in space during Projects Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. It's no wonder amateur radio enthusiasts enjoy preserving this piece of history!