Hoods: DB-25
Right Angle D-Sub Backshell
(CPC) DB19977-2
TRW / Cinch right angle D-Sub backshell for 25 position connector. Unshielded. Yellow chromate zinc, steel. 2.078"L x 0.968"H x 0.437"W. New surplus. NSN: 5935-01-368-8516.
$8 each
Cinch D-Sub Backshell
(CPC) DB24659
Cinch D-Sub backshell. Steel with zinc finish. 1.563" x 0.484" x 2.078". 180º cable exit angle. NSN: 5342-01-168-9003.
$9 each - $8.50 (5+), $8 (10+)
Straight DB-25 Backshell with Strain Relief
(CPC) DB-19678-2
TRW cinch connector straight DB-25 backshell with strain relief.
$1.95 each - $1.70 (10+)
DB-25 Dust Cap / Cover
(CPC) DB-51212-4
Cannon DB-25 dust cap / cover. Straight hood.
$9.95 each - $8.75 (6+), $7.50 (25+)
3M D-Sub EMI Junction Shell
25 Way
(CPC) 3357-4215
3M D-Sub EMI junction shell. 25 way. DB-25. For use with flat ribbon cable.
$6.50 each - $5.75 (6+)
TRW "Super D" Plastic Baskshell
TRW "Super D" plastic backshell with latches.
$3 each
Shielded DB-25 Die Cast Hood
with Fingerstock
(CPC) 609-025M-2
T&B Ansley shielded DB-25 die cast hood with fingerstock inner shield for use with braid shielded ribbon cable.
$17 each
Die Cast Metal Hood
Die cast metal hood. Mfg. P/N: KDM001-25CA3J.
$3 each
DB-25 Hood
(CPC) M85049/48-3-3
ITT Cannon DB-25 hood.
$4 each
Metal Shell Termination
Termination, metal shell. Mfg. P/N: 550-200M3FOBO.
$2.50 each