Data Switches & Accessories
Dual TX Converter
(EQP) PSC-292M
YEM dual TX converter. 2 channel parallel to serial converter. 17" x 19" x 1.75"H.
$175 each
DB-25 Break-Out Box
(EQP) 3505-0004
Remark DB-25 break-out box. Brand new in the box!
Parallel Block D-Sub 25 Pin
Male / Female Serial Connector
(EQP) 503901-001
Parallel block D-Sub 25 pin male / female serial connector.
$10 each
RS-232 Break Out Box
Inmac RS-232 break out box.
$50 each
Break Out Box
(EQP) 8130
Inmac break out box.
*** SOLD OUT ***