Fujitsu Stylistic Pen Computers
We found a lot of information online for the Stylistic Pen Computers. How to use them, how to load a generic OS, where to buy optional items, etc. If you have 16 vdc at 2 amps or so available, you will not need to buy our optional adapter.
Transmissive Mono
(EQP) FMW2430M
Fujitsu Stylistic 1000 Pen Computer. These are a real find. Brand new, never used. Equipped with a 100 MHz AMD486 DX4 Processor. The display is Transmissive Monochrome, and yields the highest resolution. This style of screen is back lit for indoor use only. Sunlight will wash out display.
  • 8 MB RAM Standard, max 32 MB
  • Made for Windows 95 but no OS included. You can load your own OS.
  • ATA Slot: Use Two Type I or Type II PCMCIA or one Type III card
  • Interfaces: Keyboard, Parallel, VGA, RS232C, IrDA (Infrared), System Interface Port, External Floppy, Mouse
  • 7.3" x 11" x 1.6"
  • Requires 16 vdc adapter
  • Bare Bones: These computers are new, never used but include NO accessories. That means no battery, stylus pen, keyboard. An AC adapter is optional.
$9.95 each - $8.75 (3+), $6.95 (100+)
Transflective Mono
(EQP) FMW2430F
Fujitsu Stylistic 1000 Pen Computer. IDENTICAL to FMW2430M Transmissive featured right except this unit is standard with a Transflective Monochrome display.

The resolution is slightly lower but the reflective feature allows excellent operation in bright or sunlit areas.

$15 each
DSTN Color
(EQP) FMW2430S
Fujitsu Stylistic 1000 Pen Computer. IDENTICAL to FMW2430M Transmissive featured above except this unit is standard with a DSTN Color display. Does not come with stylus. Our top of the line in the Pen Computers!
*** SOLD OUT ***
Fujitsu AC Adapter
AC Adapter, 16 vdc is required for AC operation of our Fujitsu stylistic pen computers. The Fujitsu power connector is a reverse coaxial power jack and requires a very hard to find connector. This fully assembled power supply is a 'Do it yourself' kit that contains our 16 vdc AC power supply and a loose connector that you can install yourself and save $$$. A machine cord is required to feed AC current to the (PS) FMW-PS. NOTE: Available only with the purchase of a Fujitsu Stylistic Pen Computer.
$18 each