Military Audio Connectors
Flanged Rear Mounted Jack
(CNA) TJS-120
Amphenol / Nexus flanged rear mounted jack. 1/4". Has an extra contact added in normally closed circuit. 5 position.
$19 each
Telephone Jack
(CNA) TJ-120
Amphenol / Nexus telephone jack. Flanged, rear mounted jack. 4 conductor, ruggedized / military. Plastic / phenolic housing. 1.125"L x 0.625"W x 1.188"H. Friction connector locking method. Made in the USA. NSN: 5935-00-196-7374.
$8 each - $7.50 (5+)
Military Phone Jack Assembly
(WAA) U92A-PJ55
Military phone jack assembly. U.S. Navy. U-92A/U audio jack at one end, PL-55 (PJ055B) plug at the other end. 8-3/4" in length. WWII surplus. New, unused.
$25 each
4 Circuit 1/4" Plug
(CNA) U93A/U
1/4" plug. 4 circuit.
$21 each
"CTE" US Navy
Telephone Jack
(CNA) U-84/U
Brass "CTE" US Navy telephone jack. 7/8" square flange.
$15 each - $12 (3+)
Kings Aircraft Audio Connector
(CNA) U-75/U
Kings aircraft audio connector. New!
$49 each
Switchcraft 2 Pin Female WWII Throat Mic Jack
(CNA) JJ-048
Switchcraft 2 pin female WWII throat mic jack. 0.215" centers. 0.527" x 0.368" x 1.31"L. After attaching wires to contacts, clam shell must be glued.
$5 each - $4.50 (6+)