"BNC" Connectors: Panel Jacks - Flange Mount
MHV Straight Panel Jack
(CRF) UG-931/U
Allied / Amphenol MHV straight panel jack, flange mount. Solder cup. Non-constant impedance. New in packaging. NSN: 5935-00-284-3931.
$13 each - $11 (6+)
"BNC" 4 Post Jack
(CRF) 18225
Amphenol "BNC" 4 post jack. 1/2" post centers. Brand new in factory bags!
$9 each
"BNC" Bulkhead Panel Jack
(CRF) UG-290A/U
Delta "BNC" bulkhead panel jack. TFE. 5/8" x 5/8" flange. Threaded mount holes. Some tarnish.
$4 each - $3.75 (6+), $3.30 (25+)
"BNC" Coaxial Straight Flanged Jack
50 ohm
(CRF) R141-407-000
Radiall RF / coaxial connector. "BNC" straight flanged jack. Solder cup. 50 ohm. Beryllium copper. RoHS compliant.
$3.95 each
"BNC" Jack
(CRF) UG-447/U
Amphenol "BNC" jack. 4 hole flange has enlarged non-threaded mounting holes. Nickel plated. Solder cup. We may supply identical Amphenol part 31-817.
$5.25 each - $5 (6+), $4.50 (25+)
Amphenol "BNC" Bulkhead Flange Mount Female Jack
(CRF) UG-290/U
Amphenol "BNC" bulkhead flange mount female jack. Threaded mounting holes. Nickel body, solder cup, silvered. TFE, dielectric. 5/8" x 5/8" flange.
$5 each - $4.50 (6+), $4 (25+)
Bulkhead "BNC" Jack
(CRF) KC79-109
Kings bulkhead "BNC" jack. Flange mount. 50 ohm. Silver. Gold contact surfaces. 1.05"L x 0.68" width / height. New. Alt. P/N: M39012/22-0001.
$15 each
"BNC" Jack
(CRF) UG-185
Amphenol "BNC" panel jack turret terminal. PTFE dielectric. Female flange mount. Flange holes not threaded.
$8 each
"BNC" Jack
"BNC" panel jack. Solder cup terminal. PTFE dielectric, silver plated, gold pin. Flange holes are threaded. Square flange
$5.95 each - $5.55 (6+), $5.25 (25+)
Used-removed "BNC" panel jack. Solder cup terminal. Silver plated. Flange holes are threaded.
$3 each - $5.25 (5+)
"BNC" Jack for
Circuit Board
Amphenol "BNC" jack intended for insertion in PC board. Two self locking corner posts press into 0.05" hole. Gold terminals for center conductor and body. PTFE dielectric. Nickel.
$4.50 each - $4 (5+)
"BNC" Jack for
Circuit Board
(CRF) 28JR272-1
Kings specialty connector "BNC" jack for PC board. Nickel body, PTFE dielectric. Solder 4 corner pins to secure connector to board.
$4.50 each - $4 (5+)