"C" Connectors: Coax Plugs & Jacks
"C" Male for RG-8 & RG-213
(CRF) UG628A/U
"C" male connector. Fits RG-8 and RG-213. NOTE: Silver plate is tarnished.
$10 each
"C" Male for RG-17
(CRF) UG-711A/U
"C" male for RG-17. Kings 91836. Silver body, PTFE, gold pin. Used, good condition.
"C" Male Straight Plug for RG-58
(CRF) R166-012-000
Radiall "C" male straight plug, clamp for RG-58. UG-627B/U.
*** SOLD OUT ***
"C" Bulkhead Female
(CRF) 6-55-21
TED "C" bulkhead female. RG-58 / 142 etc. Silver body, gold captive center pin. Nut on top of chassis.
$18 each
"C" Bulkhead
(CRF) UG-704/U
Type "C" bulkhead. Silver body & pin, PTFE dielectric, O-ring chassis seal for RG-58. Similar to (CRF) 6-55-21 (left).Nut on bottom side of chassis. NSN: 5935-00-284-2299.
$16.50 each
"C" Female Jack
(CRF) 81100
Amphenol "C" female jack. Bulkhead - flange mount. Fits RG-58. Silver / PTFE dielectric.
$7.95 each - $7.50 (10+)
"C" Plug
(CRF) KD-59-133
M39012/06-0003 Type "C" male silver, PTFE, standard body, Fits larger cable RG-14, etc.
$24 each
(CRF) UG943A/U
Kings Type "C" male silver. RG-10 / 12 / 116 / 215 / 227. MX1286/U armor clamp.
$34 each
"C" Angle Plug
(CRF) UG710
Type "C" silver, PTFE. RG-8, 213, 214, etc.
$19 each
"C" Cable Jack
(CRF) UG572
Type "C" inline female. Silver body. PTFE dielectric fits RG-8, 213, 214.
*** SOLD OUT ***
"C" Bulkhead Cable Jack
(CRF) UG571
Type "C" bulkhead jack, flange style. Silver, PTFE. Fits RG-8, 213, 214, etc.
$8.75 each - $8.25 (10+), $7.90 (25+)
"C" Bulkhead
(CRF) 3972-1
Same as UG-632 but fits RG-174, RG-141.
$9.95 each
Type "C" bulkhead jack, hole mount style (5/8"). Silver body, PTFE dielectric. O-ring chassis seal. Fits RG-58, 142, etc.
$7.25 each - $6.75 (10+), $6.50 (25+)