"C" Connectors: Panel Jacks
"C" Panel Mount Female Clamp
(CRF) UG-570A/U
Progress Electronics / Winchester type "C" panel mount, female clamp. New in packaging. Made in the USA. NSN: 5935-14-040-8955.
$24 each
"C" Flange
(CRF) UG-568
Type "C" flange jack silver body, PTFE dielectric with solder cup.
$9.75 each
"C" Connector
(CRF) UG634/U
Type "C" hole (3/4") jack, silver body, rear mount with front nut. PTFE dielectric with solder cup. O-ring chassis seal.
$10 each - $9.25 (10+), $8.95 (25+)
"C" Panel Jack
(CRF) M39012/14-0001
Kings "C" panel jack. Silver. Rear mount, front nut, solder cup. Mounts in 3/4"D hole. Alt. P/N: KD79-16.
$12 each
"C" Hole Mount Jack
(CRF) UG-569/U-U
"C" hole mount jack. Silver / PTFE. Rear mount, front nut, solder cup, O ring. Mounts in 3/4"D hole.
$9 each
"C" Panel Jack
(CRF) UG-705A/U
Kings "C" panel jack. Silver / PTFE / Gold. Hermetically sealed, glass seal. Rear mount, front nut. Mounts in 3/4" diameter hole. Made for vacuum chamber.
$22 each
"C" Connector
Type "C" hole (3/8") mount jack silver body. PTFE dielectric.