"C" Connectors: Adapters & Miscellaneous Items
"C" Female to "N" Male Right Angle Adapter
Automatic Connector Inc. "C" female to "N" male right angle adapter. Silvered. Slight oxidation. New in the package. NOS. Made in the USA.
$75 each
"C" Male to "N" Female Coaxial Adapter
50 ohm
"C" male to "N" female coaxial adapter. 50 ohms. Used. Made in the USA. Alt. P/N: UG-565A/U.
$25 each - $24 (3+)
"C" Right Angle Mil-Spec RF Connector
(CRF) KD59-134
Kings "C" right angle Mil-spec RF connector. Silver or gold contact surfaces. Copper alloy shell. 50 ohms. PTFE insert. New in packaging! NOS. Made in the USA. Alt. P/Ns: KD59-91, M39012/10-0001, UG-710A/U. NSN: 5935-00-837-5966.
$49 each - $47 (5+)
"C" Right Angle Adapter
(CRF) UG-710A/U
"C" right angle adapter. New surplus. Some oxidation. Various brands available. Stainless steel, gold / silver contact surfaces. NOS. Made in the USA. Alt. P/Ns: UG-710B/U, C/U, RF-01545.
$39 each - $38 (3+)
Partial UG-710A/U "C" Connector
(CRF) UG-710
Partial UG-710A/U "C" connector. Missing one pin. *See picture for details. Various brands available. Some oxidation present. Sold as-is. RG-8, 213, 214. NOS. Pulled.
$25 each - $23 (3+)
Twist-Loc Bayonet Dust Cover with Chain & Ring
(CRF) M39012/25-0001
Twist-Loc bayonet dust cover with chain and ring. Type "C". Silver plate. Used. Kings P/N: KD89-07. Winchester P/N: 91836. NSN: 5935-00-419-1567.
$12 each
Trompeter "TRC" Jack Female Termination w/Chain
75 ohm
(RF) 3005-0150-2-75
Trompeter "TRC" jack female termination with chain. 75 ohm. 4" chain with D-ring. Straight, 2 lug. For TRC-50-2 cable. Alt. P/N: 3005-0558.
$75 each
Automatic Connector Bulkhead "C" Female Jack to Quick Connect "C" Male
(COL) 357-7263-010
Automatic Connector bulkhead "C" female jack to quick connect "C" male. 1000v, 50 ohm. Gold pins, silvered. Alt P/N: RF02803.
$35 each
"C" - Double Female
(CRF) UG643
Type "C" inline double female barrel. Silver body. PTFE dielectric.
$6 each - $5.25 (10+), $4.90 (25+)
"C" - Cap
Type "C" silver, PTFE cap and chain.
$6.95 each - $6.50 (5+)
"C" - Tee
(CRF) UG566
Type "C" TEE fitting. Silver body. PTFE dielectric.
$6.50 each - $6 (10+), $5.50 (25+)
"C" - Double Male
(CRF) UG642
Type "C" double male. Silver body. PTFE.
$7.25 each - $6.75 (10+), $6.50 (25+)
"C" - 90° Angle Adapter
(CRF) UG567
Type "C" 90º elbow. Silver body. PTFE dielectric.
$7.25 each - $6.75 (10+), $6.50 (25+)