"HN" Connectors: Male Plug
"HN" Straight Clamp Plug Cable Mount
(CRF) UG-59B/U
Kings "HN" straight clamp plug cable mount. Silver. 0 - 4 GHz, 50 ohm. RG-8, 213, 255. Made in the USA. Alt. P/N: 082-804. NSN: 5935-01-495-1858.
$45 each
"HN" Male Plug
(CRF) 1502-017-A000
Delta "HN" male plug. High voltage model. Silver plate, gold pins, PTFE. RG-8, 213, 214.
$65 each
"HN" Male Plug
(CRF) UG925A
Deluxe "HN"plug, wide silver body, PTFE dielectric. I.D. 0.511" for RG-10,116,227.
$29 each
"HN" Straight Plug
(CRF) 9225
Gremar "HN"plug for 1/2" hardline, mil-spec. gold pin. Limited quantity.
$35 each
"HN" for Larger Coaxes
(CRF) 82-111
Amphenol "HN" male plug, same as UG-495A/U fits 0.9" diameter RG-17 and 218. New in factory bags.
$59 each - $52 (3+)
"HN" Angle Plug
(CRF) 8042
Our best "HN" plug, long silver body, PTFE dielectric. RG-58.
$22 each
(CRF) 5436A
Gremar "HN" 90º angle plug, silver body, PTFE dielectric. RG-8, 213.
$19 each