Hardline Connectors: 1/2" & Smaller
Hardline connectors are not returnable!! They are easily and inadvertently damaged and we cannot take the risk to pass a damaged connector on to our customers.
7/8" Type "N" Female Positive Stop Heliax Connector
Andrew type "N" female connector for 1/2" foam hardline, Andrew LDF4-50A, Cablewave FLC12-50J, Eupen 5128.
$35 each
"N" Male Plug
(CRF) 41W
Andrew "N" male plug. Mates with UG-23. 1/4" foam cable; FH4-50B, FH4-75, FHJ4-50B, FHJ4-75, Mil-spec #RG366/U.
$19 each
"N" Male
(CRF) NM50V12
Eupen "N" male for 1/2" cable GW002.
$18.95 each - $17.50 (5+)
7/16" "DIN" Male
(CRF) 716MV12
Eupen "DIN" male for 1/2" GW002 cable.
$15 each - $13.75 (5+)
"N" Male
(CRF) NM50B12X
Eupen "N" male for 1/2" cable.
$18 each
"DIN" Male
(CRF) C716MB12XE
Eupen 7/16" "DIN" male for 1/2" cable.
$35 each
CommScope "N" Male
(CRF) 540ANM
CommScope "N" male connector for FXL540PE and CR540PE cable. A series.
$15 each - $14 (6+), $12 (20+)
7/16" "DIN" Straight Plug
(CRF) AFB5-8
Amphenol 7/16" "DIN" straight plug for 1/2" LDF-4/50 cable. Silver contacts, PTFE dielectric, x-plate body.
$15 each - $13 (5+)
"N" Female 1/2" Andrew Connector
"N" female 1/2" Andrew connector. Replaces L44N for LDF4-50 cable.
$35 each
"N" Male Connector
(CRF) FCC-38-50NM
Cablewave "N" male connector for 3/8" smooth hardline. Nut inside diameter = 0.465".
$35 each
"UHF" Male Connector 1/4" Hardline
(CRF) 41SP
Andrew 41SP "UHF" male connector, 1/4" hardline. FSJ1-50 (PL259). Good to 3 GHz.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Cablewave "N" Male Connector
50 Ohm
(CRF) FCC12-50NM
Cablewave "N" male connector for FCC12-50 cable. 50 ohm.
$25 each - $23 (3+)
"N" Male
(CRF) L44W
Andrew "N" male for LDF-4-50A.
$49 each
"N" Male
Right Angle
(CRF) M30727A
Spinner "N" male right angle for 3/8" SCF38-50.
$25 each
Andrew "N" Male
Andrew "N" male silver pin solder connector fits FSJ4-50B Superflex Heliax.
$15 each - $13 (5+), $11 (25+), $9 (200+)
"N" Male
Andrew "N" Male, straight. Fits FSJ4-50B 1/2" Super Flex Andrew Heliax. .64" ID cable. Mfg: Amphenol.
$32 each
"N" - Male
1/2" Hardline connector
for SCF12-50

(CRF) NM-SCF12-011
Cablewave RFS-50 ohm Cellflex connectors as used on many 911 comm center installations.
$24 each - $20 (5+)
Center Pin for
L44W "N" Male
(CRF) 43265A
Andrew replacement center pin for LDF4-50 1/2" Heliax. Gold plated. Tarnished.
$3 each
"LC" Male for 1/2" Heliax
(CRF) 44AM
Andrew "LC" male for 1/2" heliax. Fits FHJ4-50B.
$125 each
"N" Male Hardline
1/2" Concentric
(CRF) FCC-12-50
Type "N" male for concentric "ribbed" Cablewave hardline, not spiral.
$25 each - $22 (5+)
"TNC" Male for 3/8" "SLA" Spiral Fill
Cablewave "TNC" male for 3/8" SLA spiral fill.
$45 each
Male Hardline
Type "N" male taperlok SL12-50NM plug for 1/2" phelps aluminum hardline, air fitting. Removed.
*** SOLD OUT ***
1/2" Aluminum
(CRF) AMS-5012CS-18S
1/2" aluminum splice. Smooth aluminum hardline. Coil-Grip. Inside diameter is .504". Center conductor cup is .153" I.D.
$15 each
"N" Male
Andrew "N male connector. F4NM. Fits Andrew FSJ4-50B 1/2" superflex.
$25 each
"N" Male
(CRF) 82-5948-1001
Andrew "N" Male, right angle, silver. Fits FSJ4-50B 1/2" Super Flex Andrew Heliax. Mfg: Amphenol.
$19 each
"N" Female
(CRF) 44AN
Andrew "old style" connector for 1/2" Spiral Heliax FHJ4-50B.
$35 each
"UHF" Female
Ameco Inc. 1/2" connector for smooth aluminum CATV hardline with 3/32" center conductor. Rare "UHF" female (SO-239). Compression nut. Bulkhead mounts with nut for feedthru panel applications.
$10 each - $9 (5+)
7/16" "DIN" Male to 1/2" Annular UXP Connector
JMA Wireless 7/16" "DIN" male to 1/2" annular UXP connector. 50 ohm. Fits LDF4-50A 1/2" cable.
$10 each - $9 (3+)
Cablewave "UHF" Female for
FLC12-50 Cable
Cablewave "UHF" female connector. Fits 1/2" Cablewave FLC12-50 cable. Concentric.
$85 each
Cablewave "UHF" Female for
FCC12-50 Cable
Cablewave "UHF" female connector. Fits 1/2" Cablewave FCC12-50 cable. Used.
$75 each
Type "N" Connector Kit for 1/2" Coax Cable (LCF12-50)
(CRF) 716M-LCF-070
RF Systems type "N" connector kit for 1/2" coax cable (LCF12-50).
$17.95 each - $16.50 (6+)
Connectors for Cablewave
Part Number Description Price  
(CRF) LCF12-50NMR Radio Frequency Systems right angle "N" male fits LCF-12-50 Cable 35.00 Add

Connectors for Cablewave
Part Number Description Price  
(CRF) 734750 Cablewave 7 16 "DIN" male fits FLC-12-50 65.00 Add
(CRF) 734845 Cablewave FLC12-50NMR/A right angle "N" male fits FLC-12-50 59.00 Add

Hardline connectors are not returnable!! They are easily and inadvertently damaged and we cannot take the risk to pass a damaged connector on to our customers.