Microphone Connectors: 2 Pin Offset
2 Pin Offset Inline Male
Microphone Connector
(CNA) 80MC2M
Two pin microphone connector. Fits vintage Collins, Heath, etc. Made by Cooper Instrument.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Two Pin Offset
Female Inline Connector
(CNA) 80MC2F
Amphenol two pin offset female inline microphone connector. Mates with (CNA) 80MC2M (left).
$19.95 each
Amphenol "80 Series" Microphone Connector
(CNA) 80PC2M
Amphenol "80 Series" microphone connector. AV, XLR 2 contact male receptacle. Panel mount. Uninsulated, threaded. 600v, 3 amp. New, old stock. NSN: 5935-00-257-9324.
$19.95 each
Amphenol Male Inline Jack
2 pin
(CNA) 80MC2M1
Amphenol male inline jack. 2 pin. Fits 80-MC2F1.
$19.95 each
Connector, Plug, Electrical Female Inline
(CNA) 80MC2F1
Connector, plug, electrical straight, female inline. Shell material: copper alloy, shell surface treatment: Nickel. 30 amps max / 1500.0v AC / 2000.0v DC. Mates with 80MC2M1. Max ratings. NSN: 5935-00-303-5916.
$23 each