Connectors: Series to Series "RF" Adapters - Microdot to (x)
"N" Male to Microdot S-50 Female
"N" male to Microdot S-50 female jack. Used.
"BNC" Jack to S-70 Jack
(CRF) 033-0125-0001
Microdot series 70 ohm bulkhead adapter, silver, PTFE.
*** SOLD OUT ***
"BNC" Male to S-70 Female
(CRF) 033-0109-0001
"BNC" male to S-70 female.
$24 each
"BNC" Male to S-70 Male
(CRF) 33-103-55/70
"BNC" male to S-70 male.
*** SOLD OUT ***
"BNC" Male Plug to S-50 Female Jack
(CRF) 033-0101-0001
Microdot S-50 series, 50 ohm adapter. Silver, PTFE. Used. UG-88C/U plug.
$47 each