Connectors: Series to Series "RF" Adapters - "HN" to (x)
"N" Male to "HN" Male
50 ohm
(CRF) 90-027
Eltech adapter. "N" male to "HN" male. 50 ohm. 4.02"L x 1.13" max diameter. NSN: 5935-00-001-2808.
$135 each
"LC" Male to "HN" Female
(CRF) UG-252/U
"LC" male to "HN" female. Silver body.
*** SOLD OUT ***
"N" Female Adapter
to "HN" Male
Kings "N" female adapter to "HN" male. Silver / PTFE.
$42 each
"BNC" Plug to "HN" Jack
(CRF) UG559B
"HN" female jack to "BNC" male plug, right angle. Silver body, PTFE.
$19 each - $17 (5+)
"BNC" Plug to "HN" Jack
"HN" female jack to "BNC" male plug, straight. Silver body, PTFE.
$16 each - $15 (10+)
"LC" Jack to "HN" Jack
(CRF) UG-259
"HN" female jack to "LC" female jack. Panel mount. Silver body.
$129 each
"C" Jack to "HN" Plug
(CRF) UG-702/U
"HN" male plug to "C" female jack. Silver body, PTFE dielectric. UG-702.
$24 each - $21 (5+)
"HN" Jack to "C" Plug
UG-703A/U "HN" female jack to "C" male plug. Silver body, PTFE dielectric. UG-703.
$35 each - $32 (5+), $39 (12+)
"LC" Jack to "HN" Like
High Voltage Jack
(CRF) 11429
Gremar "HN" family of high voltage female to "LC" female jack, panel mount. Silver body. PTFE dielectric.
$145 each
"HN" Female to "N" Male
"HN" female to "N" male elbow. Silver, PTFE dielectric.
*** SOLD OUT ***