Connectors: Series to Series "RF" Adapters - "TNC" to (x)
"SMA" Female to "TNC" Female
(CRF) OSI16179
OSI "SMA" female to "TNC" female. Flange type bulkhead adapter. Stainless steel body. 4 threaded holes.
$12 each - $10 (6+)
"SMA" Jack to "TNC" Jack
(CRF) 8501814FP3
Omni-Spectra / MaCom "TNC" jack to "SMA" jack adapter / connector. Bulkhead mount. 15 GHz, 50 ohm. Includes mounting hardware and O-ring. 1.3"L x 0.65"D. DC: 0192. Alt. P/N: 3184-4002-02. NSN: 5935-01-372-0228.
$25 each - $22 (6+), $18 (25+)
"TNC" Plug to "BNC" Jack
"TNC" male plug to "BNC" female jack. Silver body, PTFE dielectric. Military quality.
$14 each
"SMA" Plug to "TNC" Jack
Amphenol 901-170. "SMA" male plug to "TNC" female jack. Nickel / gold body, PTFE dielectric.
$12 each - $11 (5+)
"TNC" Plug to "N" Plug
"TNC" male plug to "N" male plug. Silver body, PTFE dielectric.
$17 each - $15.50 (5+)
"TNC" Plug to "N" Jack
"N" female jack to "TNC" male plug. Nickel body, Delrin dielectric, gold.
$9 each - $8 (5+)
"TNC" Jack to "N" Jack
"N" female jack to "TNC" female jack, bulkhead. Silver body, PTFE dielectric.
$19 each - $16 (5+)
"TNC" Male to "TM" Male Plug
(CRF) 2295
"TNC" male to "TM" male plug. 0.309" inside diameter, 0.377" outside diameter fitting. "TM" is a GRFF (General RF fitting).
$65 each
Amphenol APC-7 to "TNC" Male
(CRF) 131-1036
Amphenol APC-7 to "TNC" male. 18 GHz. New!
$117 each
MaCom APC-7 to "TNC" Male
(CRF) 1600-8193
MaCom APC-7 to "TNC" male. 18 GHz. 50 ohms.
$117 each
"TNC" Male to Microdot S-50 Jack
(CRF) 166B
"TNC" male to Microdot S-50 jack.
$33 each
"N" Female to "TNC" Female Bulkhead Adapter
(CRF) SF1120-6002
Solitron "N" female to "TNC" female bulkhead adapter. Stainless steel. TFE. Gold.
*** SOLD OUT ***
"TNC" Male to "SMB" Jack
75 Ohm
(CRF) 51-174-6900-220
Sealectro "TNC" male to "SMB" jack. 75 ohm. Male pin. Gold.
$95 each
"TNC" Male to Triax
(CRF) 51-173-6900-220
Sealectro "TNC" male to Triax. Gold. Female pin. 0.346" outside diameter. 0.223" inside diameter.
$95 each