Connectors: Series to Series "RF" Adapters - "SMA" to (x)
RF Between Series "SMA" Female to 7mm Female Jack
50 ohm / 18 GHz
(RF) 2543
Midwest Microwave RF between series (ADT Series) "SMA" female to 7mm female jack. 50 ohm, 18 GHz. Passivated stainless steel. New in packaging. Alt. P/N: ADT-2543-7M-SMF-02.
$95 each
"SMA" Jack to "TNC" Jack
(CRF) 8501814FP3
Omni-Spectra / MaCom "TNC" jack to "SMA" jack adapter / connector. Bulkhead mount. 15 GHz, 50 ohm. Includes mounting hardware and O-ring. 1.3"L x 0.65"D. DC: 0192. Alt. P/N: 3184-4002-02. NSN: 5935-01-372-0228.
$25 each - $22 (6+), $18 (25+)
"N" Male to "SMA" Male
Precision "N" male to "SMA" male. Stainless steel. Used. Various high-end manufacturers like Solitron, MaCom, etc.
$18 each - $16 (6+)
RF Adapter "N" Female to "SMA" Female
(CRF) R191-331-000
Radiall RF adapter, "N" female to "SMA" female. Between series "SMA" female jack to "N" female jack. 50 ohms, 11 GHz. Nickel plate, gold contact plating. Straight.
$17 each - $15 (3+)
"N" Male to SMA Male
(CRF) 3080A-9
"N" Male to SMA male. Gold - Teflon. 12GHz.
$15 each - $13 (5+)
Field Components
(CRF) FC20M-FC10F-Z-2
Field components 7/16 DIN. M to SMA Fe.
$45 each - $40 (6+) - $35 (25+)
Field Components
(CRF) FC10F-FC15M-LK-1
Field components. SMA female to 1.0/2.3 Male
SMA Adapter
(CRF) FC08671-098
SMA Adapter SMA female to 1.0/2.3 female. 50 Ω.
"N" Female to "SMA" Female
OS stainless steel "N" female to "SMA" female. Used.
$17 each
"N" Female to "SMA" Female
(CRF) 050-675-6705-890
Cannon "N" female to "SMA" female. Bulkhead mount with O-ring. 1.34" overall length.
$22 each
"SMA" to "N" RF Adaptor
(CRF) 4299
Pomona "SMA" female to "N" female RF adaptor. 50 ohms. DC to 12.4 GHz. Gold shell plating. Copper body, gold contact. 29.72mm long, 16.51mm diameter. NSN: 5935-01-119-7450.
$19 each - $18 (10+), $17 (50+)
"SMA" to "N" RF Adaptor
(CRF) OSN-401-1SF
Omni Spectra RF connector, cable mount. "N" plug for RG-402/U, 0.141" semi-rigid coax cable. "SMA" to "N". Steel body, gold plated contact ends and pin. Alt. P/N: 3001-7141-00.
$19 each - $18.25 (5+), $17.50 (10+), $17 (25+)
"SMA" Female to "N" Female Bulkhead Flange
(CRF) OS21011
Omni Spectra, and other brands, "SMA" female to "N" female bulkhead flange. Passivated Stainless steel. Used / pulled.
$18 each - $16.25 (6+)
"SMA" Female to "N" Female Bulkhead Flange
(CRF) SF1132-6001
Solitron Microwave "SMA" female to "N" female bulkhead flange. Stainless steel. 18 GHz. New!
$25 each - $22 (6+)
General Radio Type 900 Connector to "SMA" Male
(CRF) 900-QMMP
General Radio type 900 connector to "SMA" male. Bulkhead panel mount.
"N" Female to "SMA" Female
(CRF) 3080-4010-02
MaCom "N" female to "SMA" female. Bulkhead adapter. 1" x 1" flange. DC-18 GHz.
$75 each - $65 (6+)
"APC7" to "SMA" Male
18 GHz
APC-7 to "SMA" male. 18 GHz, 50 ohms. Various brands available.
$95 each
"APC7" to "SMA" Female
(CRF) F1566
Weinschel APC-7 to "SMA" female. Includes mounting bracket.
$75 each
"APC7" to "SMA" Male
18 GHz
(CRF) 3171-36
Alford APC-7 to "SMA" male. 18 GHz, 50 ohms.
$107 each
"APC7" to "SMA" Male
18 GHz
Alford APC-7 to "SMA" male. 18 GHz.
$85 each
"APC7" to "SMA" Male
18 GHz
(CRF) 9280-3695
Alford APC-7 to "SMA" male. 18 GHz. Bulkhead flange.
$143 each
"APC7" to "SMA" Female
(CRF) 7082-2242-00
MaCom APC-7 to "SMA" female. 1" square flange. 0.75" mounting centers.
$85 each
OSP Floating Flange Mount Jack to "SMA" Female Jack
(CRF) 4584-2242-02
MaCom OSP floating flange mount jack to "SMA" female jack.
$45 each
"APC7" to 3.5mm "SMA" Female
18 GHz
(CRF) 131-91046
Amphenol APC-7 to 3.5mm "SMA" female. 18 GHz, 50 ohms.
$95 each
"SMA" Female to "BNC" Female
(CRF) CS21172
Bulkhead "SMA" female to "BNC" female. Nickel, PTFE, gold. Hermetically sealed with O-ring. 0.475" hole required.
$8 each - $7 (6+), $6 (25+)
"SMA" Female to "BNC" Male
"SMA" male to "BNC" female. Used, very high quality. Quality manufactures like Amphenol, MaCom, etc.
$10.95 each - $9 (6+)
"N" Male to "SMA" Female
(CRF) SF1105-6001
Solitron Microwave (or Omni Spectra and various brands) "N" male to "SMA" female. 12.4 GHz. Used.
$15 each - $13.50 (6+)
"SMA" Female to "BNC" Male
(CRF) SF1134-6001
Solitron Microwave "SMA" female to "BNC" male. Stainless steel. DC-6 GHz. Used, excellent condition.
$19 each - $17 (6+)
"SMA" Female to "BNC" Female Bulkhead Adapter
(CRF) 50-675-6801-89
Sealectro UG-492A "SMA" female to "BNC" female bulkhead adapter. Teflon - Gold. O-ring seal. Brand new in the bag.
$10 each - $9 (6+)
ITT Pomona "BNC" Male to "SMA" Male Adapter
(CRF) 4288
ITT Pomona "BNC" male to "SMA" male adapter. Gold plate.
$12 each
Mini "UHF" Female /
"SMA" Male Coaxial Adapter
Mini "UHF" female / "SMA" male coaxial adapter. Nickel, TFE, gold. 13/32" diameter x 31/32"L.
$10 each
"SMA" Male to "SMB" Jack
(CRF) 5182-2241-00
MaCom "SMA" male to "SMB" jack. 50 ohms. DC-4 GHz.
$39 each
"N" Female to "SMA" Female Adapter
(CRF) ADT-2579-NF-SMF-02
Midwest Microwave "N" female to "SMA" female. Model 2579. 18 GHz, 50 ohm. 1" square flange. 1.5" total length. Gold contact plating. NSN: 5935-01-489-6054.
$55 each
Coaxial Adapter "N" Female to "SMA" Female
(CRF) 131-445
Coaxial adapter. "N" female to "SMA" female, RF input assembly. NSN: 5935-01-064-1602. Amphenol P/N: 131-445. HP / Agilent P/N: 86290-60005.
$45 each
"N" Female to "SMA" Female
Bulkhead Adapter
"N" female to "SMA" female bulkhead adapter. Chassis mount with O-ring.
$10 each - $8.50 (10+), $8 (25+)
"N" Male to "SMA" Male
"N" male to "SMA" male. Nickel body, gold pin, PTFE dielectric.
$10 each - $8.75 (10+), $7.50 (25+)
"SMA" to "MCX" Adapter
(CRF) R191-386-000
Radiall "SMA" male to "MCX" female straight adapter.
$23.75 each
"SMA" Plug to "TNC" Jack
Amphenol 901-170. "SMA" male plug to "TNC" female jack. Nickel / gold body, PTFE dielectric.
$12 each - $11 (5+)
"SMA" Female to "TNC" Female
(CRF) OSI16179
OSI "SMA" female to "TNC" female. Flange type bulkhead adapter. Stainless steel body. 4 threaded holes.
$12 each - $10 (6+)
Field Components
(CRF) FC10M-FC15F-1
Field Components SMA adapter. SMA male to 1.0/2.3 female adapter. 50 Ω, gold, made in U.S.
$7.95 each - $6.75 (6+) $6 (25+)
"SMA" Male to "N" Female
(CRF) R191.377.000
Radiall "SMA" to "N" female. Panel mount. 50 ohm. 0 - 11 GHz. Square flange. Stainless, TFE, gold. 1" square flange. 32.6mm long. 0.711" mounting centers.
$17.95 each - $17 (3+), $15.80 (12+)
"SMA" Bulkhead Female to "SMB" Male Jack
"SMA" bulkhead female to "SMB" male jack. Stainless steel.
$22 each

"SMA" Plug to "BNC" Jack

"SMA" male plug to "BNC" female jack. Brass, nickel plated body. Brass / gold plated nickel pin. PTFE.
$10 each - $9.25 (5+), $8.75 (25+)
"SMA" Jack to "BNC" Jack
"SMA" female jack to "BNC" female jack. Nickel body, PTFE dielectric.
$10 each - $9.25 (5+)
"SMA" Jack to "N" Jack
"N" female jack to "SMA" female jack. Nickel plated.
$10 each - $9 (10+), $8 (25+)
"SMA" Plug to "N" Jack
"SMA" male plug to "N" female jack. Nickel body, PTFE dielectric, gold pin.
$10 each - $9 (10+), $8 (25+)
"APC7" to "SMA" Female
18 GHz
(RF) 17-7031-1240
"APC7" to "SMA" female adapter. 18 GHz. NSN: 5985-01-140-0767. New, unused.
$117 each
"BNC" Bulkhead Female
to "SMA" Female
"BNC" bulkhead female to "SMA" female. Mil-spec. Solitron.
$25 each
"SMA" Plug to "N" Plug
(CRF) 1209-3-15MA9
Kings gold plated "SMA" male plug to "N" male plug. PTFE dielectric, gold.
$65 each
"SMA" Jack to "N" Plug
"SMA" female jack to "N" male plug. Nickel body, PTFE dielectric, gold pin.
$10 each - $8.50 (10+), $7 (25+)
"SMC" Jack to "N" Male Plug
(CRF) 50-073-6700
Sealectro gold plated "SMC" jack to "N" male plug. PTFE dielectric, gold. Used.
$25 each
"N" SMA Female
(CRF) PE9252
SMA female "N" female. Bulkhead - holemount. Also 3300A-9. 50 Ω, 11GHz.