Antique Radio & Parts
Vintage Globe 12AU7A Tube
Vintage Globe 12AU7A tube. Made by RCA for Globe Electonics. Excellent condition. Includes ROE test results.
Kelford Vintage Noiseless Rheostat
(RWA) 144
Kelford vintage noiseless rheostat. 30 Ω. Circa 1940's. New in box! Another Fistell treasure!
$39 each
Willard Radio Wet Cells
(BAT) ER-11-2A
Willard radio wet cells. Never filled with acid. Buyer is responsible for acquisition of sulphuric acid. Brand new! Circa 1940's. One more treasure found in the Fistell Electronic's Storeroom. 1-3/4" x 1-7/8" x 4-1/4"H.
$89 each - $80 (3+), $75 (12+)
Vintage Antique Sensitive Relay
SPDT / 4500 ohm Coil
(KO) BK-7-B
Allen B. Cardwell vintage antique sensitive relay. SPDT, 4500 ohm coil has adjustable pull-in current from 0.75 mA to 1.25 mA. Originally made in the 1930's and used in "Surplus" projects throughout the 1960's.
$39 each - $35 (6+)
Antique Meter
0 - 75 amps
(MTR) 68290
Cushman Motor Works antique works. 0 - 75 amps. Full scale = 60mV @ 50 mA, 1.2 ohms. 4-5/16"D face, 2-3/4"H. Requires shunt (not included). Large 3/8" stud terminals on rear are no connection. Use for mounting side binding posts. Circa 1920s. Only one available.
Emerson Model 973 Loud Speaker
8 Ohm
(SPK) 973
Brand new with original box. I opened it to shoot this pic. 8 ohm loud speaker. Beautiful mahogany finish. 21-1/2" wide x 21" high x 17" deep. Wish I had two. This one is a solo.

The legs are about 6" high and were stored in the bottom of the box. I did not attach them for this photo nor would it be necessary to attach them for use.
$275 each
3 Way TV
Antenna Switch
JFD 3 way TV antenna switch. Screw terminals. Antique. New in the box!!
$35 each
Twist Lock Triple Section
40 µF / 40 µF / 20 µF - 450 vdc
(CFE) MS3S-239
Hard-to-find twist lock cap. New value for us. It will substitute for many different 3 section twist locks. New old stock GE 43F9238BC5. 40 µF / 40 µF / 20 µF, 450 vdc. 1-1/2" diameter x 3-3/16" high. Paper cover insulates aluminum can. All leakage checked and each capacitor guaranteed good!
$25 each - $22 (10+)
Weston Benchtop Meter
Patented July 10, 1894!!
(MTR) 280
Weston benchtop meter. 0 - 10 milliamps DC. Binding post terminals. 4-1/4" x 4-5/8". Patented July 10, 1894. Excellent condition.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Western Electric Audio Amp
from 20's
Western Electric audio amp from 20's with three 216A tubes. Filaments good. Photo demonstrates glow and rilaments. Socket contacts. 9 3/4" x 12 1/2", 8"H with tubes. Black top in excellent condition. EDGES and cabinet need refinished. Base wood excellent condition.
$1,700 each
Hard to Find HV Twist Locks
General Radio
Antique Wavemeter
(EQP) GR758A
General Radio wavemeter lab instrument. 55-400 mc. 2 on hand.

1 with broken top plate as pictured.

$90 each
1 complete, seemingly ok.
$125 each
Twist Lock - Western Electric
125 µF - 350 vdc

picture of crate they come in
(CFE) 000125R00AEI
I uncovered several cases of Western Electric twist lock cans made in 1945. Your first thought may be UGH! dried out and worthless. Not so! True to Western Electric quality standards these caps all reform to levels way beyond that which we find acceptable today. As a matter of fact, once reformed, their leakage is 1/4 that of today's capacitor of the same value and voltage. ESR is also similarly lower. New old stock. 1-3/8" diameter x 3" high. All leakage checked and each capacitor guaranteed good!
*** SOLD OUT ***