Miscellaneous Amateur Radio Equipment
Antenna Bridge
5 to 500 Ohms
(EQP) MIL-90672
Millen antenna bridge. Frequencies up to 200 MHz. Impedance: 5 to 500 ohms. Excellent condition.
Bird "Ham Mate"
(EQP) BIRD-4350
Bird "Ham Mate". 0 - 200w / 2kw. 1.8 - 30 MHz. "UHF" connectors.
MC Jones Micromatch
MC Jones Micromatch. 400 watts forward, 100 watts reflected. 1.8 - 30 MHz. "N" connectors.
Wattmeter & 100 watt
Leader Electronics LPM880 wattmeter and 100 watt dummyload. 1.8 - 500 MHz. 0 - 5, 0 - 20 & 0 - 120 watt ranges. Like new condition. SO-239 connector. 4.4" x 5.9" x 9.1". 4 lbs. Detector diode needs replacement. No manual.
UHF / FM Land Mobile Radio
420 - 474 MHz
(EQP) C768L
Standard Radio Communications Corp. UHF / FM land mobile radio. Frequency range: 420 - 474 MHz. Includes handheld microphone. New in the box!
$119 each
Monarch Field Strength & SWR Bridge
(EQP) FS1-3
Monarch filed strength and SWR bridge. Brand new in the box!
James Millen Grip Dip Meter
(EQP) MIL-90661
James Millen grip dip meter. Model 90661. Complete with all coils and metal carrying case.
$330 each
Pace Communicator I
Pace Communicator I handheld 2 meter transceiver. 6 channels, only channel "A" has 146.520 crystals installed for both transmitting and recieving. Used, tested receiving and transmitting. 9" x 3-1/6" x 2-1/4". No antenna.
$69 each
Harris RF-110A Amplifier
2 kw / 2 - 30 MHz
(EQP) HAR-110A
Harris RF-110A amplifier. 2 kw, 2 - 30 MHz. 75 mW drives to 1500 watts out. Pair 4CX1500B. 19" rack mount. New, factory seal on unit. NOTE: Does NOT include power supply. Includes instruction manual (copy).
$3,500 each
Pro Am Antenna
(ANT) PAQ144
Pro Am antenna. Quarter wave. 144 - 152 MHz. Motorola style. 150 watts. 18" long.
$12.95 each
Bludworth Marine
Vacuum Tube
6 & 12 vdc Models Available
(EQP) BRT1025-6
Out on the high seas in 1954 and you may have turned to your Bludworth Marine Communicator for bearings and emergency transmissions. Includes a rock bound AM transmitter including crystals for 2182, 2638, 2738, 2977 and 2126 KHz. May also tune up in 80 or 160m ham band. Operator could calculate bearing with directional loop antenna (not included) and by tuning built in AM receiver (0.55 -1.6 MHz).

A total of 6 tubes including pair of 6L6G's in the final, 6C4 and 6AQ5. Variable taps on the load and tank coils. 5" internal speaker, microphone and 455 KHz IF. 6 volt vibrator power supply. External output on rear for connection to MA meter for dipping final (to 55ma). Gray wrinkle paint. BRAND NEW in the box.
*** SOLD OUT ***
(EQP) BRT1025-12
Identical to above but includes 12v vibrator for 12 vdc operation.
*** SOLD OUT ***
WWII Beacon Receiver
(EQP) BC-1206-C
Antique WWII Beacon Receiver. BC-1206-C, Model 524, SC6624A Signal Corps ID# Setchell-Carlson beacon receiver covers 200-400 KHz. In the original box. Most commonly used in P-51's and P-40's. 4" x 4" x 7". Some bin wear due to the passage of time. Made in USA. Does not appear to have been used, two screws on top of case missing. See pics. This item sold as a collector's piece only, no guarantee of electro-mechanical function.
Miscellaneous Equipment Listed Below
Part Number Description Condition Price  
(ANT) HY-226S Hy-Gain Telex 203BA-S, 3 element, 20 meter mono band beam,
16 foot boom. Made by the original Hy-Gain.
15 year old stock
289.00 Add
(ANT) HY-231S Hy-Gain Telex 7031DX, 420 - 438 MHz, 17.6 dB gain. 31 element beam, 24 foot boom. Made by the original Hy-Gain. New,
15 year old stock
179.00 Add
(EQP) AEAAVT AVT Amiga Video Terminal Slow Scan on the Amiga Brand New 219.00 Add
(EQP) BUD WM-78 Bud WM-78 Wavemeter Very Good 60.00 Add
(EQP) FAR-TRANSCAP Faradon Transmitting Cap from 1920s, Antique Very Good 100.00 Add
(EQP) GR-758A General Radio 758A Wavemeter 55-400 Mc, Very Old Very Good 125.00 Add
(EQP) GR-1140A General Radio GR-1140A UHF wavemeter. 250 MHz to
1200 MHz. Butterfly capacitor and inductor thru a IN22 diode
to a 200 µA meter.
Very Good
Click here for Pic
155.00 Add
(EQP) RME-VHF152AE RME VHF-152A 2/6/10 Meter Converter Poor 28.00 Add
(EQP) ROB-80 Robot 80 Slow Scan TV Camera Mint 180.00 Add
(EQP) ROB-7 Robot 7 Slow Scan TV Monitor Mint 140.00 Add

Dial Cord
(MIS) DC75
Extra thin dial cord.
20¢ per foot
Spare Fuse Cover
(FUS) 31494-1
Hammarlund clear plastic cover for fuses. Envelope marked Hammarlund and dated 1963. 1-1/8" x 3-1/2" x 5/8" high.
$2 each - $1.75 (4+), $1.50 (24+)