Probes & Clips
12 PC Test Probe Assortment
HH Smith, NTT, and others 12 pc test probe assortment. Random assortment of vintage surplus test probes, bin wear, cosmetic imperfections. Picture is representative of what you will receive, individual items may vary. This is a good assortment at a great price. Supplies limited. Made in USA.
$24 each
Tektronix CF Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6032
Tektronix P6032 CF Probe. Cathode fohower probe and attenuator. 10 Ω to 50 Ω. 850 mHz. Sold as is.
$175 each
Detector Conversion Kit
(RF) 14523
Wavetek detector conversion kit. For use on 1018A, 1018B, 1018B Option 3. New, unused.
Radiant Flux Detector Probe
(EQP) HP-8334A
Hewlett Packard radiant flux detector probe.
Power Detector with Cable
200 KHz to 18 GHz
(RF) 41-4E
Boonton power detector with cable. 200 KHz to 18 GHz. "N" male / 2 terminal female receptacle. Used. NSN: 5960-01-026-8402.
General Microwave Power Head
(RF) 445A
General Microwave power head. 10 mW average RF power. "N" male connector. New, old stock in packaging. Made in the USA.
Power Sensor / Thermocoupler
0.01 - 18 GHz / 50 ohm
(RF) 51100-9E
Boonton power sensor / thermocoupler. 0.01 - 18 GHz, 50 ohm, +25 dBm. "N" male / two terminal female connectors. Used. NSN: 6625-01-302-0480.
Power Sensor
DC-18 GHz
(RF) 4200-4E-S/21
Boonton power sensor. Input: Z = 50 ohm. Output: DC-18 GHz, "N" male / 2 terminal female input. Used. NSN: 5985-01-303-6156.
(RF) 455A
Kings Probe-T-Connector. "N" male - "N" female connectors. Alt. P/N: 11042A. HP or equivalent.
$75 each
50 ohms
(RF) KN-89-59
Kings Probe-T-Connector. "N" male - "N" female connectors. 50 ohms. New, unused.
$125 each
Broadband Probe
1 - 12.4 GHz
(RF) 250A
PRD broadband probe. 1 - 12.4 GHz, tunable. 1N21WG diode includined. Used, vintage. Made in the USA.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Test Probe Adapter
Vintage Eby test probe adapter. Black. Accepts standard probe of 60 - 70's time period and converts to high voltage version. 0.265" inside diameter, 6" overall length. Circa 1960's.
$6.95 each
Nortec E.C. Probe
(RF) BP-28
Nortec E.C. probe. 100 KHz. NSN: 6625-01-069-7253.
$75 each
HP Broadband Probe
(EQP) HP-444A
Hewlett Packard broadband probe. 3 - 18 kmc. Used with Model 809B Universal Probe Carriage. "BNC" output connector. IN26 or IN76 crystal. Alt P/N: MX-1546/USM-37. NSN: 5985-00-581-5802.
HP Power Sensor
50 ohms
(EQP) HP8484A
Hewlett Packard power sensor. 50 ohm, 0.3 nW - 10 nW. "N" male connector. Mfg. P/N: 8484A.
$349 each
HP Power Sensor
50 ohms
(EQP) HP8482A
Hewlett Packard power sensor. 50 ohm, 0.3 µW - 100 mW, 100 KHz - 4.2 GHz. "N" male. Used. For 435A/B, 436A, 437A, 438A, 70100A, EPM, N1911-14. Mfg. P/N: 8482A.
$275 each
HP Power Sensor
50 ohms
(EQP) HP8481A
Hewlett Packard power sensor. 50 ohm, 0.3 µW - 100 mW. 10 MHz to 18 GHz. "N" male. Used. For 435B, 436A, 437B, 438A, 70100A. Mfg. P/N: 8481A.
$249 each
Pin Plug Test Probes
Pin plug test probes. 36" long. 0.084" outside diameter plugs.
$2.99 each
Accessory Cable for HP 740B DC Standard
(EQP) HP-11054A
Hewlett Packard accessory cable for HP 740B DC standard. New, unused.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Balanced Detector
1 MHz - 18.5 GHz
(EQP) 15176
Pacific Measurements balanced detector. 1 MHz - 18.5 GHz. "N" male, gold contact probe end. Used. Made in the USA.
$47 each
Balanced Line Patch Cable
(WAA) 3130-60
Pomona Electronics balanced line patch cable. Double banana plug connector cable with ground leads. Metal plug shroud / housing ceramic base. 5 foot cable (60"). Mil-spec P/N: MIS17404/2-3. NOS. DC: 1989. NSN: 6150-00-135-2434.
$65 each
Simpson HV Test Probe
40 kvdc
(EQP) 00749
Simpson HV test probe. 40 kvdc. Cat. # 00749. 14-1/2"L overall dimensions. New, unused.
Dumont Probe
(EQP) 10000A
Dumont probe for oscilloscope #1062MOD116. Surplus Mil-spec equipment. Light use.
$35 each
Dumont Passive Attenuator Probe
(EQP) 7999B
Dumont passive attenuator probe. 10M ohm input impedance. 9 foot cable, 13 pF, 600v DC max, 63 MHz. Includes datasheet. Designed for use with Fairchild Hi-Frequency plug-ins. New, surplus.
$65 each
Type "G" Probe Assembly
(EQP) 900-2000B
Type "G" probe assembly for Millivac voltmeter, ME-247D/U, aka: MV-828A, AN/URM-145D/U. Includes 50 ohm female "BNC" termination (P/N: 900-2050A) slight oxidation, high impedance probe tip with alligator clip (P/N: 900-2002A). NOS. NSN: 6625-00-470-3717.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Hewlett Packard 2 Piece 10:1 Probe Set
(EQP) HP-10430A/33A
Hewlett Packard 2 piece 10:1 probe set. Includes 2 probes, 10430A and 10433A. Used.
  • 10433A: 10M ohm input, 10 pF, 450v DC max
  • 10430A: 1M ohm input, 6.5 pF, 450v DC max, includes spec sheet
Hewlett Packard Active Divider Probe
(EQP) HP-1124A
Hewlett Packard active divider probe. DC to 100 MHz actived FET probe. X10 / X100, 50 ohm selectable input. 10M ohm, 10 pF probe, 100:1 division ratio. New surplus. HP P/N: 28480. NSN: 6625-99-116-7074.
$65 each
Hewlett Packard Active Divider Probe (Used)
(EQP) HP-1124A/U
Hewlett Packard active divider probe. DC to 100 MHz actived FET probe. X10 / X100, 50 ohm selectable input. 10M ohm, 10 pF probe, 100:1 division ratio. New surplus. HP P/N: 28480. NSN: 6625-99-116-7074. Used.
$35 each
5 Foot Cable / RG-58C/U
(WAA) 2BC-PP-60
ITT / Pomona 5 foot long cable, RG-58C/U. Stackable pin tip. 1 red, 1 black. Double banana plug. (black). NOS.
$28 each
Oscilloscope Probe
(EQP) PMT211
Schlumberger oscilloscope probe. X10 attenuation, 250 MHz. 1.2m cable length, 600v DC max. 10 - 60 pF. New surplus. DC: 09/95. Made in Germany. Alt. P/N: 825-211-000.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Tektronix Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6060
Tektronix probe. 10X attenuation, 1M ohm imput, 10M ohm input resistance, 600v DC max. 6 foot, "BNC", 15 - 55 pF, 60 MHz. Includes manual and accessories.
$95 each
Tektronix Probes
Set of 2
(EQP) TEK-P6060/U
Tektronix probes. Set of 2. 1 screw tip, 1 sharp tip. 10X probe, 10M ohm, 8.5 pF. "BNC" male termination. Used.
Tetronix 10X Attenuation Probes
Set of 2
(EQP) TEK-P6061
Tektronix 10X attenuation probes. Set of 2. DC-60 MHz, "BNC" male termination. 10M ohm input resistance. 9.5 pF, 500v DC max, 3.5 foot length. Manual included. NOS. Alt. Tek P/N: 010-6010-00.
Probe Master "Gold Probe"
(EQP) 6104A
Probe Master "Gold Probe" for use with high performance oscilloscopes. . DC-100 MHz, 10X attenuation. 500v DC max. 15 - 35 pF scope capacitance. New, surplus. Mil-spec. Made in the USA. DC: 0788. Probe Master P/N: 62381. NSN: 6625-01-255-7380.
$37 each
Tektronix 10X Passive Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6105
Tektronix 10X passive probe. DC-100 MHz, 15 - 35 pF. 1M ohm input resistance. Used.
$35 each
Tektronix Passive Voltage Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6105A
Tektronix passive voltage probe. 10X attenuation. 100 MHz bandwidth, readout. Made in the USA. Used.
$49 each
Tektronix Differential Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6046
Tektronix P6046 differential probe. 25v. Sold as is, used-untested.
Tektronix H.V. Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6013A
Tektronix P6013A H.V. probe. <100KHz 12kv High voltage probe. New old stock.
$595 each
Tektronix Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6055
Tektronix P6055 probe. 20mHz. New.
Tektronix F.E.T. Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6045
Tektronix P6045 F.E.T. probe. Used.
$195 each
Tektronix AC Current Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6021
Tektronix P6021 AC current probe. 20Hz to 60mHz. Switchable 2ma/mv or 10ma/mv. New.
Tektronix TDS400 Scope Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6138
Tektronix TDS400 - P6138 Scope Probe. 350mHz, 10.0 pF. 1.3 meter long. 10M Ω x10. New-Unused.
$99 each
Tektronix F.E.T. Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6201
Tektronix P6201 F.E.T. probe. Used - execellent condition.
Tektronix AC Current Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6022
Tektronix P6022 AC Current Probe. New condition.
$285 each
Tektronix H.P. AC Current Probe
(EQP) HP-456A-21A
Tektronix H.P. 456A-21A new replacement AC Current probe. New-Used.
Tektronix Temperature Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6430
Tektronix P6430 Temperature Probe. Excellent condition.
$79 each
Tektronix Temperature Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6602
Tektronix P6602 Temperature Probe. .37Ω / ℃. New. 0℃ = 100Ω
Tektronix Scope Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6138A
Tektronix P6138A Scope Probe. TD5400A series. 400mHz, 10:1 atten, 10pF, 10mΩ, 300v. New-Unused.
$117 each
Tektronix Passive Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6121
Tektronix P6121 Passive Probe. 10x. New-Unused.
Tektronix Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6133
Tektronix P6133 Probe. 150mHz 10mΩ 10.8pF x10. New condition.
$95 each
Tektronix Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6101A
Tektronix P6101A x1 Probe. Excellent condition.
Magnetic Field Probe
(RF) MFC25
Electro metrics interference magnetic field probe. TNC connector. 9.5"L, 3.6"D. 25-230 mHz.
Tektronix Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6106
Tektronix probe. 250 MHz, 10X, 10M ohm, 10:1 attenuation ratio. 13 pF input. Includes manual and accessories. New in sealed bag.
Tektronix Probe (Used)
(EQP) TEK-P6106/U
Tektronix probe. 250 MHz, 10X, 10M ohm, 10:1 attenuation ratio. 13 pF input. Used. No manual or accessories included.
$35 each
Tektronix 10X Passive Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6131
Tektronix 10X passive probe for 2400 Series oscilloscopes. 300 MHz, 10.8 pF, 10M ohm. New in sealed package with manual and accessories. NSN: 6625-01-244-1831.
Tektronix 10X Passive Probe (Used)
(EQP) TEK-P6131/U
Tektronix 10X passive probe for 2400 Series oscilloscopes. 300 MHz, 10.8 pF, 10M ohm. Used. No manual or accessories. NSN: 6625-01-244-1831.
$45 each
Tektronix 9 Channel Data Acquisition Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6451
Tektronix 9 channel data acquisition probe. Input: 1M ohm, 5 pF, 10v DC. 4.7 - 5.3v, < 260 mA @ 5v. Includes data sheet.
$119 each
Tektronix Data Acquisition Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6460
Tektronix data acquisition probe. New surplus in sealed package. Includes manual.
High Voltage Probe Compensating Box
(EQP) TEK015-049
Tektronix high voltage probe compensating box.
Probe Fixture
(EQP) HP16095A
Hewlett Packard probe fixture.
Radiation Probe
(EQP) NAR-8122A
Narda radiation probe. Used.
Clip-on Milliamp Current Probe
(EQP) HP00428-62101
Hewlett Packard clip-on milliamp current probe. Used.
$175 each
High Voltage Probe
0 - 40 kv
Leader Electronics high voltage probe. 0 - 40 kv. No manual. Used, but in excellent condition.
*** SOLD OUT ***
HV Probe
0 - 40 kv
(EQP) IM-5210
Heath HV probe. 0 - 40 kv.
$99 each
High Voltage Probe
6 kv Peak
(EQP) 80K-6
Fluke high voltage probe. 6kv peak. Used, excellent condition.
$109 each
Microwave Probe
300 Hz to 50 GHz
(EQP) A8722D
Narda microwave probe. 300 Hz to 50 GHz. "E" field probe. Appears to be used, but in otherwise very good condition. Only one available.
Avex Electronics Test Lead
10 Meg / 47 pF / 600v
(EQP) AV-5304
Avex Electronics test lead. "BNC" male, stranded single conductor. 10 Meg, 47 pF, 600v. Includes ground wire. 6 feet long. Screw-on tip. New in package. Tektronix P/N: 010-0121-00 (P6028). NSN: 6625-00-546-5654.
$65 each
Mini E-Z Hook & Mueller #30C Copper Alligator Clip
Mini E-Z hook & Mueller #30C copper alligator clip. The 30C is not connected. 18"L. High quality components are durable.
$2 each - $1.75 (6+), $1.50 (25+)
RCA Cyrstal Diode Probe
(EQP) WG-351A
RCA crystal diode probe. In original box with instructions. For use with WV-77C and WV-77E voltohmysts. Made in USA.
$75 each
B&K RF Demodulator Probe
B&K RF demodulator probe. Single circuit mic connector, to 250 MHz. For most VTVMs. NOS.
*** SOLD OUT ***
RCA Balanced RF Output Cable
(EQP) WG-374A
RCA balanced RF output cable. 300 Ω termination. Belden 8401 lead cable. New!
*** SOLD OUT ***
RCA HV Probe Resistor
(RNI) WG-441A
RCA HV probe resistor. 1485M ohm. 0.31"D x 6"L.
$75 each
RCA HV Probe Replacement Resistor
(RNI) WG408A
RCA HV probe replcaement resistor. 4950M ohm. 5/16" x 6"L.
$65 each
Dual Banana Plug Test Lead
(WAA) 1863-12-103
Dialight Corp. dual banana plug test lead. Copper core conductor. PVC jacket. Total length: 13.75". 0.18"D plugs, 0.37"D plug body. Made in the USA. DC: 6/78. NSN: 6625-01-014-4427.
$6 each - $5 (25+)
RCA Vectorprobe
(EQP) WG-409A
RCA vectorprobe. Includes O-scope vector screen.
$30 each
RCA Banana Plug to Maxi-Clip
(EQP) WG-414A
RCA banana plug to maxi-clip. Made for RCA transistor tester. Banana plug on one end, 5" clip lead on other end. 15"L. Green/yellow/blue. New!
$45 each
Pomona Patch Cord
(WAA) 1727-12-0
Pomona patch cord. Stackable 0.080"D pin tip plug. 12"L.
$5.95 each - $5.50 (6+), $4.75 (25+)
Pomona Patch Cord
(WAA) 1727-60-0
Pomona patch cord. 60"L. Black test lead / patch cord. Stackable 0.080"D pin plugs. NSN: 6150-00-578-1952.
$9 each
ITT Pomona Test Lead
(WAA) 1126-24-0
ITT Pomona test lead. 5 amp, 3kv, 20awg. Black. 24" banana plug to gold test pin (pin tip plug). DC: 86+. DLA900-86-P-BN47. NSN: 6625-00-865-6627.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Pomona Test Lead
(WAA) 1166-24-0
Pomona test lead. Black. Banana plug to alligator clip. 5 amp. 24" long. DLA900-85-P-E459. NSN: 6625-01-079-9078.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Mini Black Banana Plug Test Lead
(WAA) B-24-0
Mini black banana plug test lead. 24" long, banana plug to banana plug. 18ga, 15a, 5kv. DLA900-89A-A612. NSN: 6625-00-957-9300.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Pomona Mini Red Banana Plug Test Lead
(WAA) B-24-2
Mini red banana plug test lead. 24" long, banana plug to banana plug. 18ga, 15a, 5kv. DLA900-88-A549-0037. NSN: 6625-00-957-9299.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Pomona Horizontal Stacking Banana Plug Patch Cord
(WAA) HB-12-0
Pomona horizontal stacking banana plug patch cord. Banana plug each end. 18 awg, 15a, 5kv. 12" +/- 0.5".
$8.95 each
Multimeter Leads
Fluke red / black multimeter leads. Male tip point x male 90º shrouded banana plug. 1500v. 47" leads / 53" overall length.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Dual Banana Plug Lanyard
62" Long
Western Electric dual banana plug lanyard. 62" long. Stainless steel tie-off clip on both ends. Red and black. Super flexible. MA-BELL quality!!
$10 each - $8.75 (6+)
Telcon Clip Lead Set
65" Long
Harris Telcon clip lead set. 65" long. 2 jumbo, nail spike alligator clips to RJ11 (center conductors).
$9.95 each - $9 (6+), $8 (20+)
ITT Pomona Black Test Lead
(WAA) 1370-24-0
ITT Pomona test lead. Black. Stacking banana plug to forked spade terminal. 24" long. 18awg, 15a, 5kv.
*** SOLD OUT ***
ITT Pomona Red Test Lead
(WAA) 1370-24-2
ITT Pomona red test lead. Stacking banana plug to forked spade terminal. 24" long. 18awg, 15a, 5kv.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Mueller #45 Alligator Clip
(WAA) 45
Mueller #45 alligator clip with 40" 16ga test lead. Black. 40" overall length.
$2.75 each - $2.50 (10+), $2.19 (50+)
RCA RF Output Probe
(EQP) WG-422A
RCA RF output probe. Lead cable is Twinax 21-597.
$25 each
RCA Tuner IF Input Head Probe
(EQP) WG-419A
RCA tuner IF input head probe. Single circuit mic plug input.
$25 each
Mueller Electric Alligator Clamp
(CLP) 46A-2
Mueller Electric alligator clamp. Mini plier style with insulators. Red. Solder or crimp connection. Copper plated steel. 50 amp rating. 3"L x 1/2"W x 2"H. Used, excellent condition, removed from new equipment.
$1 each - 75¢ (10+)
High Quality Military
Test Probe Set
(WAA) 2140A/U
High quality military test probe set. Unique locking banana plugs quick-fit into any banana jack and stays put. The probe end is needle point unless you snap the included alligator clips into action. NSN: 6625-00-553-1442.
$3.75 each - $3 (6+), $2.25 (25+), $1.90 (100+)
6" Maxi Grabber
(CLP) 4225-0
ITT Pomona 6" maxi grabber. Gold tip. Press end to extend tip.
*** SOLD OUT ***
RCA Universal FET Test Adapter
(EQP) WG-454A
RCA universal FET Test Adapter. 3 banana plugs. New!
$39 each
RCA Universal Transistor Test Adapter
(EQP) WG-455A
RCA universal transistor test adapter. 3 banana plugs. New!
$49 each
MB Connector Test Probe
MB Connector Test Probe
(EQP) 4118-1178G1
Test probe with MB connector. 30' coaxial cable, threaded tip on probe. Labeled "counter". NSN: 6625-996-7639.
$65 each
Oscilloscope Calibration Kit
(WAA) E10515/KQ6A
ITT Pomona oscilloscope calibration kit. New in packaging - old stock. NSN: 6625-01-248-2932.
$175 each
10x Scope Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6104A
Tektronix P6104A 10x scope probe. 100 MHz. 1M scope input. 10M ohm input resistance. Input capacitance: 8.7 pF, 500 vac max. Includes 3.3 foot cable, large clip, small clip, banana and ground leads. New in sealed bags.
$150 each
Tektronix Probe
(EQP) TEK-P6202A
Tektronix P6202A FET probe. 500 MHz x 10. High impedance and 50 ohm inputs. For Textronix 300 Series, 2400 Series, 7000 Series family of oscilloscopes. Includes manual and case. New!!
$195 each
Banana Plug
Probe Tips
(BP) 752-222
Red right angle adapter converts male banana to forked terminal.1/4" wide opening.
$1 each
(BP) 752-222-BL
Black right angle adapter converts male banana to forked terminal.1/4" wide opening.
$1 each
Coiled Banana Plug Jumper
(WAA) 2141
Pomona 6" coiled banana plug jumper patchcord with gold-plated, stackable banana plugs on each end. Extends to 12" long.
$7.95 each - $6.95 (3+)
Test Lead
Banana Plug to Pin Plug
(WAA) 2173114-4
56" test lead. Banana plug to pin plug. Marked 2173114-4 on part. NSN: 6625-00-003-6197.
$8 each
Electrical Lead
Pin Plug Jumper
(WAA) SM-B-653098
Electrical lead pin plug jumper. 18 AWG stranded conductor, 65 strands, copper. 1000 vac. Connector: MX-1907/U on each end, 0.008"D. 62.25" long.
$7.50 each
OEM Alligator Clip
(CLP) 344-0046-00
Tektronix OEM alligator clip. NOS. Black, fully insulated sheath. NSN: 5999-00-983-8310.
$4.50 each - $4 (6+)
Müeller Alligator Clip
Mueller alligator clip. 6" test lead with cloth wire - Superflex. 0.144" inside diameter ring terminal.
$3.50 each - $3 (6+)
Versatile Probe Set
(WAA) 577-50
Mil-Spec. (NSN: 6625-00-810-9853) probe set, 50" long soft rubber leads plus four tip sets: needle point, standard point, alligator clips and spade terminals. Flared collar finger grip. Red and black. Unterminated ends. Includes heavy tote pouch w/snap cover.
$5 each - $4.25 (6+), $3.75 (25+)
Müeller #27 Alligator Clamps
20 amp
(CLP) 253-1813
Pair Mueller #27 alligator clamps made into 6" jumper with undersized 24 AWG red PTFE wire. Clamps rated @ 20 amps. Wire rated at 3 amps.
$2 each - $1.50 (10+), $1.25 (50+)
Dummyload Double Banana
1,000 Ohms
(RF) DA-35/U
Dummyload double banana. 1,000 ohms. Internal 1,000 ohm resistor from "BNC" to banana.
$35 each
Microamp Transducer
Johnson Controls microamp transducer. Converts any multimeter into a microamp meter. Reads DC current down to 0.01 microamp.
$135 each
12" Flexible Test Lead
12" flexible test lead with banana (male / female) on each end. Red. U.S. made - Mil-spec.
$5 each
24" Flexible Test Lead
24" flexible test lead with banana (male / female) on each end. Black. U.S. male - Mil-spec.
$7 each - $6 (10+)
Mini Black
Banana Plug Jumper
(WAA) 1081-12-0
ITT Pamona Electronics mini black banana plug jumper with gold plated stackable plugs on each end. 12" long. New in packages.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Mini Red
Banana Plug Jumper
(WAA) 1081-8-2
ITT Pamona Electronics mini red banana plug jumper with gold plated stackable plugs on each end. 8" long. New in packages.
$4.25 each
(WAA) 1081-12-2
ITT Pamona Electronics mini red banana plug jumper with gold plated stackable plugs on each end. 12" long. New in packages.
$4.95 each
Banana Plug
Probe Tips
(BP) 751-000
Black adapter converts male banana to forked terminal. 1/4" wide opening.
*** SOLD OUT ***
50 MHz x 1 Probe
(EQP) MX-10036A/U
9 foot long scope probe that has been a staple in our line up for years. "BNC" male. Accessories include retractable hook tip, hook, banana & spring tips, 12" ground cable with alligator clip.
$12 each - $10 (3+), $8.95 (12+)
HP Probe x 10
(EQP) HP10003A
Hewlett Packard X10 46" long scope probe. Used, very clean condition. 600v max, 10 meg ohm, 10 pF, x 10. Includes: pincher jaw, needle point and ground lead. HP10003A.
$39 each
Müeller # 21A Electrical Clip
50 amp
(CLP) 21A
Mueller #21A electrical clip. 50 amp. 4-1/4" long. Mfg. P/N: 76545. NSN: 5999-00-195-9676.
$7.95 each - $7.25 (3+)
Cord Assembly
(WAA) 035-28741-01
Cord assembly. Approximately 60" long. Belden RG-62 cable. Double banana plug to alligator clip & probe. (Shielding on alligator clip is brittle & cracked... should be replaced. Sold as-is. NSN: 6625-00-403-1756. 1978 price = $12.00.
*** SOLD OUT ***
#2 Mueller Insulated
(CLP) 63
Mueller 63-2 alligator clip completely covered with soft black boot. 2-1/4" long tip to tip. NSN: 5990-00-689-9362.
50¢ each - 40¢ (10+), 35¢ (50+)
Mini Gator Clip to
Pin Plug Jumper
(WAA) 1574854
Hughes Aircraft gold plated stacker pin plug/jack connector, mini E-Z hook clip lead. 16" long. Black. Quality U.S. made.
$4 each
Bolometer Element
0.5 to 11.0 KHz / Second
(EQP) DT-217/USM-68
Bolometer element. DT-217/USM-68; carbon film sensitive element. Handles 50mw power. Frequency range 0.5 to 11.0 KHz / second. 0.005"L x 1.0"D. Used in IR technology applications like particle detectors, fingerpring scanners, air surveillance, astronomy. NSN: 6625-00-713-4421.
$350 each