Carrying Cases
Simpson Leather Carrying Case
For 461 Meter
(EQP) 0747
Simpson leather carrying case for 461 meter. Features adjustable shoulder strap, input/output holes, extra compartment in back, and secondary case that fits neatly inside. New in box.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Weapons Systems Cables
Carrying Case
(ENC) 128SME
High impact yellow fiberglass and aluminum construction. Suitcase style. Velcro straps inside of lid for securing individual cables. Brand new, never used. Air / water tight with relief valve on side. P/N: 128SME60634-3. Mfg. P/N: 74384. New, never used.

Case used for Missle Weapons Systems:

Exterior dimensions: 7-3/4" x 19-3/4" x 25-5/8"

$149 each
RCA Leather Carrying Case
(EQP) WG453A
RCA leather carrying case. 6" x 8-1/2" x 2-3/6"H max dimensions. New in box! Only 1 available!
$33 each
RCA Leather Carrying Case
(EQP) WG-447A
RCA leather carrying case. 5-1/4"W x 5-1/4"H x 2-1/4" deep; max dimensions. New in box!
$25 each
Soft Sided Carrying Case
(ENC) 350-0120-000
UFP Technologies soft sided carrying case. Durable black nylon / canvas type material. Zippered on 3 sides. (2 zippers). Removable foam insert. Adjustable shoulder strap. File folders fit inside. 6" x 8" interiorpocket. Interior dimensions: 11-1/2" x 16" x 3". Exterior dimensions: 13" x 17" x 4-1/2". New, unused. Many possible uses....laptop?
$10 each - $9 (3+), $8 (10+)
Simpson 260 VOM Cover
(EQP) 02163
Simpson cover for 260 VOM. Brand new.
$15 each
RCA Leather Carry Case
With Strap
(EQP) WG-461A
RCA leather carry case with strap. Chrome trim strip, velcro flap. Inside dimensions: 6" x 2-1/2" x 6-1/2"H. New in box!
$39 each
Beckman Deluxe
Leather Carry Case
HD 150 Series
Beckman deluxe leather carry case. HD 150 series. 3 internal compartments. 3-1/2"W x 8"H x 4-3/4"D. New in box!
$39 each
Monarch Leather Carrying Case
Monarch leather carrying case. 4"W (divider @ 3"). 1.4" deep, 4.6"H. New!
$18 each