Commercial Microphones & Handsets
Super-Directional Shotgun Condenser Microphone
DAK super-directional shotgun condenser microphone. 10-7/8" long. No accessories. Connector on bottom is single circuit microphone connector on our site. P/N: (CNA) SCM or (CNA) SCM-90.
$15 each - $13.75 (3+)
Blue "Babybottle" Microphone
Blue "Babybottle" microphone. Hand crafted. SL Large - Diaphragm cardioid condensor microphone. 20 Hz - 20 KHz, 50 ohms. 3 pin XLR connector. "Babybottle is a little more flat and has a bit more pronounced low-end when you're right on top of the mic". New in wood box!
Blue "Babybottle" Microphone
Blue "Babybottle" microphone. Hand crafted. SL Large - Diaphragm cardioid condensor microphone. 20 Hz - 20 KHz, 50 ohms. 3 pin XLR connector. "Babybottle is a little more flat and has a bit more pronounced low-end when you're right on top of the mic". Includes shock mount. New in wood box!
$379 each
Blue "Bluebird" Microphone
Blue "Bluebird SL" hand made microphone. Large diaphragm. Cardiod condenser microphone. 20 Hz - 20 KHz. Switchable -20 dB, 100 Hz high pass filter. XLR connector. "Bluebird has a bit of a scooped mid-range and somewhat more airy top end". New in wood box!
$249 each
Blue "Spark" Microphone
Blue "Spark" microphone. Hand made. SL Large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone. 20 Hz - 20 KHz, 50 ohms. 100 Hz high pass filter and -20 dB attenuator. 3 pin XLR. Includes shock mount and wind screen. New in wood box!
Blue "Spark SL" Microphone
Blue "Spark SL" microphone. Hand made. SL Large diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone. 20 Hz - 20 KHz, 50 ohms. 100 Hz high pass filter and -20 dB attenuator. 3 pin XLR connector. Most economical Blue microphone. Includes shock mount.
Shure Model 55 Super Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
(MIC) 55
Vintage Shure Model 55 super cardioid dynamic microphone. Includes original canvas dust cover (shrunk over time). Multiple impedances. Made in 1956.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Calrad Slim Crystal Microphone
(MIC) 100C
Vintage Calrad slim crystal microphone with switch and cord. Brand new in the box!! Only one available.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Vintage Dynamic Desk Microphone
(MIC) 751
Vintage Turner dynamic desk microphone. 150 ohms. 60 - 10,000 Hz. 20 foot cord, no connector. Professional brown finish. New in the box!!
$175 each
602 Dynamic Noise-Cancelling Microphone
(MIC) 602
Electro-Voice 602 dynamic noise-cancelling microphone. 150 ohms impedance. Hand mic with cord and connector. New, vintage.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Vintage Tiny Hand Mic
Vintage Japanese tiny hand mic with dual prong "Mic / SW" plug. Oblong. On / Off slide switch. 2.75"L x 7/8"H x 1-1/2"W - 1-1/8"W minimum. 3.5 foot chord. NOS.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Turner 33D Dynamic Microphone
(MIC) 33D
Turner 33D dynamic microphone. 40-10,000 Hz, 200 ohm. 54 Db level. Mint condition. 1950's.
$295 each
Kobishi Alarm-Buzzer
Kobishi alarm-buzzer. 12v DC or 12v AC. Fits 1 5/8" hole.
$10 each
High Impedance Crystal Microphone
(MIC) 332
Astatic high impedance crystal microphone. Satin chrome body and cap. 8 foot cable. Strain relief missing. Clean, vintage piece. Sold as-is. Not implied to be in working order. Original box. Only one available.
RCA "Bullet" Microphone & Stand
(MIC) MI-12010
RCA "Bullet" microphone and stand. 2-tone bronze finish. Cord included without end connection. Some paint flaws, scuffs and grill dents. Inner mesh torn. Well loved! 9.25"H, 5"D base. Used. Sold as-is.
Dual Impedance
Magnetic Microphone
(MIC) 444D
Shure model 444D dual impedance magnetic microphone model with 99S556 element. New in box!
*** SOLD OUT ***
CB Radio's PACE
(MIC) P5550
Pace dynamic low impedance (500 ohm) microphone. Coiled cord. Brand new.
$29 each - $25 (3+)
Vintage Microphone
(MIC) MX-810
Vintage microphone. Standard 5/8" - 27 microphone threaded base. 1-1/8"D x 8-3/4"L. Made in Japan. Circa: 1960s. Brand new in the box!!
*** SOLD OUT ***
Model 254C Desk Microphone
(MIC) 254C
Turner desk microphone. Model 254C. Ceramic. 1 piece, push-to-talk bar with lock switch. 8" tall from base. Includes 5 foot cord with Switchcraft mono plug. Plug / cord connection is frayed. Chrome has patina from normal expected use. A nice vintage piece.
Model D-104 Microphone
(MIC) D-104/X
Astatic Model D-104 microphone on Astatic base model "G". 1/4" Switchcraft mono plug. In very good used vintage condition. Chrome on post and base shows wear. Rear mic head has some oxidation. Left / right toggle switch on base.
Model D-104 Microphone
(MIC) D-104
Astatic Model D-104 microphone on Astatic model "G" stand. 1/4" mono plug and 5 foot cord. 12" high from base. In excellent condition. Very slight imperfections on base and chrome, to be expected with a vintage piece such as this.
Model 22D Microphone
(MIC) 22D
Turner microphone. Model 22D. Includes Atlas stand and 10 foot cord with mono plug. Finish is patina with slight oxidation as expected from normal use. One-of-a-kind collector's item. 9" tall from base.
Model 33X Microphone
(MIC) 33X
Turner crystal microphone. Model 33X. Includes stand and 10 foot cord with 4 prong receptacle. Used, with the normal wear expected from a vintage piece. 11" tall from base. One-of-a-kind collector's item.
DuKane Dynamic Cardioid Microphone
(MIC) 7A160
DuKane dynamic cardioid microphone. Hi / low impedance. Made by ElectroVoice, Model 664. Used. Circa 1950's. Only one available.
664 Dynamic
(MIC) 664/NEW
ElectroVoice 664 dynamic cardioid "Variable D" microphone. New surplus. Popularly known as the "Buchanan Hammer" due to it's durability and because it was made in Buchanan, Michigan. Made in the USA. Circa 1954 - 1964. Only one available.
*** SOLD OUT ***
664 Dynamic
(MIC) 664
ElectroVoice 664 dynamic cardioid microphone. On - Off switch in base. Select high or low impedance at cable plug. Fair condition with pitted chrome. Engineering data sheet is included.
$195 each
Model JT-30 Microphone
(MIC) JT-30
Astatic microphone. Model JT-30. Includes stand with 46" cord with 3 prong Amphenol connector. Brown enamel head with chrome grill. Patina finish on chrome and metal, as expected from normal use.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Turner Hand Microphone
(MIC) SR90D-6
Turner hand microphone. 200 ohm. Brushed satin chrome. Cord not included. New. Alt. P/N: COLLINSMM1.
631B Dynamic
Hi / Lo Impedance Microphone
(MIC) 631B
ElectroVoice 631B dynamic high / low impedance microphone. A unique concept utilizes a sealed magnetic On / Off switch inside the microphone case. Impedance is selected by wiring in connector. Includes 16' cable with XLR connectors. A very popular harmonica mic. Works, like new.
$150 each
Crystal Hand-Held
Original box
(MIC) FM145
Fen-Tone crystal hand-held microphone. High impedance. Great for vacuum tube transmitters. No connector. Brand new in the original box. Made in Japan in the 1960s.
$29 each - $25 (3+), $21 (25+)
*** Collector's Item ***
Groove Tube
(MIC) MD-1
Groove Tube MD-1. Outer shell casing only. Stainless steel. Shelf worn. 2"D x 8-1/2"L. Collector's item!!
$75 each
*** Collector's Item ***
Groove Tube
(MIC) MD-2
Groove Tube MD-2. Outer shell casing only. Black over stainless steel. Shelf worn. 2"D x 8-1/2"L. Collector's item!!
$75 each
(MIC) 785
Electro-Voice boom - goose neck microphone. Hi / Low impedance. PTT switch. Used, very good condition.
Rated 8-9.
$125 each
Rated 6.
$85 each
Noise Canceling
Dynamic Microphone
(MIC) MK1008
Turner noise canceling dynamic microphone is 150 ohms. Five pin locking DIN connector plugs directly onto many different transmitters. New, unused. Made for SRS SR-380 Transceiver.
$49 each - $40 (3+)
Noise Canceling
Power Microphone
Turner noise canceling dynamic amplified low impedance microphone. Volume adjustment control on side. Coiled cord. Look new but may be removed from new equipment. Circuit board header connector.
$25 each
Console Boom Microphone
Beautiful brushed aluminum microphone looks professional, sounds professional and is the highest possible quality. Cardioid pattern, amplified dynamic element, handy neck mounted PTT switch, 50 - 15,000Hz response, 500 ohm impedance, -45dB, ±5 requires 12 vdc. Includes cord and clip-in mic cradle. Use with our flex goose neck or any standard mount. 4 pin XLR connector between mic and coiled cord.
$35 each
DuKane 7C40 chrome mic stand with gray Hammertone base. Late model made by Astatic as their G-stand or grip to talk. Used but in very good condition. Cord cut off at 8". 3 pin female mic connector in top mates with 7C40 or DN-HZ microphones. Wiring diagram is included.
$85 each
Dukane 7C40 Microphone
Late Model
(MIC) 7C40
Dukane 7C40 microphone. Late model made by Astatic as their part number DN-HZ. 3 pin male connector. Missing thread ring. Used, but in good condition. Works great.
$165 each
Marine Microphone
(MIC) LUM-10
Turner marine microphone weighs in at 1.4 pounds of solid aluminum. Completely sealed for harsh environments. 0.1-10 KHz response, 200 ohm.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Marine Microphone
(MIC) TMN6151A
Motorola Modar series white marine style microphone. New, unused. Connector NOT included.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Sound Blaster
Brand new, still in the factory bag, TELEX stereo dynamic microphones that were removed from new Sound Blaster system packages by a reseller that didn't need the microphone. Stereo mini plug in on one end. Platinum color. Great low impedance microphone for communications of any sort. Use in stereo or mono mode. 3mm plug on 6' cord.
$1 each - 50¢ (200+)
Turner Model BD
Turner collector's microphone. 200 ohm. New in the box and appears flawless. Only 1.
$395 each
Mobile Microphones
More Images: Cable Ends | Cut Ends
Hand held mobile communications mics used with many Motorola, RCA & GE business radios. Amplified. Requires 12 vdc. Low impedance (500 ohm) Dynamic, 200 - 4,000 Hz response elements mate nicely with most solid state radios whether Amateur Radio, First Responder or CB platform. High impact body. Classic/Retro Tan/Blk housing. Made in USA by Telex / Turner / Landcom.
Part Number Cable End Condition Output Price Each  
(MIC) LMM-3 Right Angle Plug (Pictured) New -45 dB 19.00 Add
(MIC) LMM-5 Spade New - SOLD OUT
(MIC) LMM-8 Spade New -56 dB 19.00 Add
(MIC) LMM-12 Plug New - 19.00 Add
(MIC) LUM-3 Spade New - 19.00 Add
(MIC) LUM-4 Cut Pulled - 19.00 Add