Glass Lenses
British Optical Lens
(MIS) 11-20T
British optical lens. 4.5" diameter. High quality industrial / military use. Made in England.
$27 each
Glass Disc Lens for
Hubble Telescope (?)
(MIS) 8427
Glass disc lens from Corning Glass Works. Purchased from Perkin Elmer, a contractor involved with our Hubble Space Telescope. One theory is this glass disc was a blank for Hubble optics. Measures 280 x 60mm. Weighs 40 lbs.
$500 each
Mirrored Rose Colored Lens
(MIS) 727-0305
Gates mirrored rose colored lens. No threads in bezel. Measures 1.975" outside diameter.
$10 each
Fresnel Lens
(MIS) 547020
Corning fresnel lens. 300mm (11.8 inches), 360º bottom. New, unused.
$250 each
Field Spun Lens
Eye Piece
(MIS) 7688731
Field spun lens eye piece used in tank periscope. Concave / concave. 1" inside diameter. 1.589 outside diameter bezel x 0.5". NSN: 1240-00-768-8731.
$10 each - $9 (6+)
Optical Lens
A Heck of Magnifier!!
(MIS) CONV-1.2
Optical lens. Convex / convex. 1.255"D x 0.287". A heck of magnifier!! NSN: 1240-00-902-9739.
$5 each - $4.30 (10+)
Clear Lens
(MIS) 727-0217
Clear lens. 1.366" diameter. Harris P/N: 727-0217-000.
$5 each
Orange Lens
(MIS) 727-0225
Orange lens. 81D, 85B. 1.367" diameter. Harris P/N: 727-0225-000.
$3 each
Optical Lens
Optical lens. Concave / concave. 1.097"D x 0.254". A nice piece of glass. NSN: 1240-01-059-1460.
$12 each
Canon Lens Housing
(MIS) S26034
Canon lens housing. Extender, 1.5x for PV10x15B. No.740612. 6-1/4" x 5-3/4". Gates P/N: 727-0590-000.
$190 each
Laser Vision Scope
(MIS) 13265081
Laser vision scope consisting of a large (1-3/4") apeture lens, a 90° reflector, and a focal lens with two rails and set screws for adjustment. Three screws remove 45° plate which is polished to mirror finish on outside. You can not see through either lens with the human eye.
$1,200 each
Optical Prism
(MIS) 2114
Boxton Beel, Inc. optical prism. 10" overall length. New surplus.
$150 each