RF Coaxial Relays: "TNC" Connectors
Coaxial Switch
80 / 120v DC / SPST
(KC) S70-1
Quantatron / Teledyne coaxial switch. 80 / 120v DC, SPST. "N" female / "TNC" female connectors.
$85 each
RF Transmission Switch
SPDT / 26v DC / DC-6 GHz / "TNC"
(KC) 360-11892-14
Amphenol Dynaform 360 RF transmission switch. SPDT, fail safe. 26v DC, 500w, 51 dB, DC-6 GHz. 3 x "TNC" connectors. Breaks before makes. Made in the USA. NSN: 5985-00-481-1214.
$150 each
RF Coaxial Relay
SPDT / 26v DC / "TNC"
(KC) 360-11892-13
Amphenol RF coaxial relay. "TNC". SPDT, 26v DC, DC-6 GHz. Dynaform Series. New!
$150 each
4-Port Transfer Relay
28v DC / "TNC"
(KC) T1323B2
Trans-Tel 4-port transfer relay. 28v DC, DC-12 GHz, "TNC" females. 6-pin circular connector. Indicating circuits.
$335 each
Teledyne TNC Relay
SPDT / 24-32v DC
(KC) SA-90T10-2
Teledyne TNC relay SPDT. 24-32v DC 2440ma coil. Break before make. N.O.S.
$125 each
RF Coaxial Relay
SPDT / 28v DC / "TNC"
(KC) 910C30100
Transco RF coaxial relay. "TNC", SPDT. Failsafe. 28 vdc, 0 - 12.4 GHz. NSN: 5985-00-165-3080.
$495 each
RF Coaxial Relay
SP4T / 28v DC / "TNC"
(KC) 14160
Transco RF coaxial relay. "TNC" female connectors, SP4T. Independently operated coils.
$275 each
RF Coaxial Switch
SP6T / 24 - 32v DC / / "TNC" Female
(KC) CS18T16-12
Teledyne Microwave RF coaxial switch. "TNC" female. SP6T, 24 - 32 vdc, 50 ohm. Base is curved to fit shaped surface. Electrical connector is 10 pin. MS3114H12C10P. New, unused.
$575 each
RF Coaxial Switch
SPST - N.C. / 28v DC / "TNC"
(KC) S2067
RLC RF coaxial switch. 28 vdc control. One normally closed pole. "TNC" connectors.
$25 each