Geiger Müller Tubes
PMT & NaI Crystal Assembly
(TUR) 6655A-NAI
RCA 6655A PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube) assemblies include a 1" x 1.5" NaI (Sodium Iodide) crystal mounted to the flat PMT face with optical grease, a 14 pin socket and voltage divider wired for negative high voltage, all mounted in a 2.5" x 9" aluminum casing. High voltage signal and ground wires exit the casing. These are used but have been checked and verified 100% operational by a qualified lab.

Excellent radiation detectors at quite a savings to boot. The resistor string can be easily changed for positive high voltage excitation. We have a limited quantity so don't pass this opportunity to conduct your own spectrum energy analysis today.

$395 each
Geiger Counter
(EQP) CDV-715-1A
Geiger counter. Made in 1980. Looks new. Checks out fine. No guarantee on operation.
Geiger Counter
(EQP) CDV-717-1
Geiger counter. Includes 25 foot cable to remote detector for safety. Used. Self checks okay. No guarantee on operation.
Geiger Müller Tube
(TUR) CK1049
Same style as the CK-1026 (right) but more sensitive. Halogen quenched. Typical background = 150 per minute. Plateau length = 150 vdc. Dimensions: 5.75"L x .75"D. Typical life of a halogen-quenched tube is 1014 counts.

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Geiger Müller Tube
(TUR) CK1026
Here is your chance to obtain the basic building block for a Beta particle and gamma ray detector. These halogen -quenched thin wall Geiger tubes, made by Raytheon, are left overs from production in the 60's but have virtually unlimited life. Brand new, never used.

We found loads of info on the internet concerning these tubes and have included some basics with your purchase to help you get a start. We found the CK1026 sold for about $25 on other sites.

This tube is for Gamma radiation only, with a 760 volt Geiger threshold and a 900 volt operating voltage. Typical background = 60 counts per minute.

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*** SOLD OUT ***
Our Geiger tubes were produced in the 1950s we believe and are very delicate. The glass is inheriently thin creating a situation for damage to occur unless the most extreme measures are taken in handling and installation. Because we have no control over how you the experimenter will handle this product, no guarantee what-so-ever is implied or expressed as to the durability, function or use of this tube. You can be assured they are new and never used when shipped and since Halogen quenched tubes have a virtually unlimited life, if care is taken, you should have no problem constructing your own geiger counter.