Pick-up Tubes: Orthicons, Plumbicons, Vidicons

Amperex Plumbicon
Amperex Plumbicon
(TUC) XQ1090B
Amperex plumbicon. New in the box!
Harris P/N: 378-0118-000.
$225 each
(TUC) XQ1093R
Amperex plumbicon. New in the box!
Harris P/N: 378-0119-000.
$225 each
Vidicon Focus &
Deflection Coil
(EQP) 312213714S43
Vidicon focus and deflection coil......or is this a heater mechanism? 8 wires + 2 shielded cables. 2-3/8" O.D., 5" long, 1" I.D. Made for Harris.
$20 each
Burle Vidicon
(TUC) 4833U
Burle vidicon. 4833U. Brand new in sealed factory box.
(TUC) 8572
RCA 8572 vidicon. Brand new in the box!
GE Vidicon Tube
8541 GE Vidicon Tube, Red
(TUR) 8541-RED
General Electric vidicon tube. Red.
GE Vidicon
7038V4 GE Vidicon Tube, Green
(TUR) 7038V4-GREEN
General Electric vidicon. Green.
GE Vidicon Tube
7038V4 GE Vidicon Tube
(TUR) 7038V4
General Electric vidicon tube.