Motorized Vacuum Capacitors
Sunair GSL-1900 Vacuum
Variable Assembly
Sunair GSL-1900 vacuum variable assembly uses a Jennings UCS400-7.5 with a 28 tooth sprocket for motor driving. Compositie bearing blocks 3-3/4" square with brass inserts for mounting in 2 directions. Brand new and very nice!! Sunair P/N: 6032071294.
$475 each
Non-Magnetic Vacuum
Variable Assembly
(CVV) 88-86-632
Dual GCSN-100-15S non-magnetic vacuum variable assembly. Removed from Magnetic Imaging equipment. Excellent condition. 12 vdc gear motors drive vacuum caps. Each cap is 5 - 100 pF @ 15kv and is non-magnetic. Overall maximum dimensions: 10-1/2"L x 9"D x 3-1/4"H.
$1,695 each
Vacuum Capacitor
Roller Inductor Antenna Coupler
(EQP) 503178
Vacuum cap, roller inductor, antenna coupler. Includes: Motor driven (24 vdc) 2P6T Radio Switch Model 86 Ceramic Switch; CVCH-1000 7-1000 pF, 5 kv (or UCSL-1000-5), vacuum cap (not motor driven). 0.3 - 35.8 uH, silver roller inductor (not motor driven). Second motor/ gearhead (24 vdc), drives 150 pF air variable plus tapped fixed inductor.
Sunair GCU-1935
Kilowatt Automatic
Antenna Coupler
gcu1935 gcu1935_in
New in the Box!! Never Used!!! Inside View Jennings UCSXF-1000-15
1000µF 15kv Vacuum Capacitor
Well, if you have followed us through the years you know we don't exaggerate, but when the factory calls this beauty 1kw continuous, I've got to scratch. The roller inductor should handle 30 amps, the vacuum 75 amps. So, with a little rewiring.....

Designed to couple the GSB-900 transceiver and GSL-1900A Linear Amplifier into a 35' whip and 50' to 150' long wires or works as a line flattener into unbalanced (coaxial fed) antennas from 1.6-30 MHz!

The general design is a "L" network with series input vacuum cap and shunt inductor at the output for short antennas like the whip. For long wires a fixed doorknob is connected in series with the antenna to form a "T" network. Weighs 85 lbs.

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$2,995 each