High Current Cables
55' Extra Heavy Duty Single Conductor Cable
55' extra heavy duty single conductor cable. 500 guage stranded wire. Crimped and soldered. Lug on each end with 1/2 bolt hole. 63 lbs. Only 1 available!
1/O Welding Cable
(WHS) MIL-C-915/20D
1/O welding cable. 600v. 0.717" outside diameter. NSN: 6145-00-943-7407.
$1.50 each - $1.35 (25+), $1.20 (100+), $1 (250+)
3 Conductor 100 Foot Cable
Carol WT-26
(WHS) CX7453A
Three (3) conductor, 100 foot cable. Carol WT-26. U-237B/G connector. Military spec MIL-C-55483. Two (2) 4 AWG (white / black), One (1) 6 AWG (green). Includes mating / locking sexless connectors (i.e. They fit one another). Includes dust caps.

NOTE: Each conductor uses 2 opposing pins on connector. 1 set of pins is unused. Reliable, high current connection made under any conditions. Purchase multiple cables to daisy-chain a longer run. Cut a cable in half to create two 50 foot pigtails to wire one end into equipment and leave one connector to mate with extensions.
$495 each
Stranded Copper Wire
(WHS) 10914183
10 foot, 1/O Stranded Copper Wire. 1 conductor mating "22-7" connectors. Rubber jacket. Cut the cable & have a pigtail in both directions.

Mil Spec # M13486 / 1-14
$75 each